Rihanna – Rehab


Guilty pleasures: everyone has ’em. Meet mine. Oh yes, it’s the R-word indeed. Behold my first encounter with Rihanna. Now, apart from the probably very professional use of colour and panorama play in this video, well, that, and the appearance of a famous handsome guy, whom I later figured out to be J. Timberlake himself, I really like this song for one very specific personal reason. And no, it’s not the association between the word ‘rehab’ and my own personal lifestyle. It is a line in the lyrics. Wanna guess which one? Behold the best line in romantic music lyrics’ history ever: “You’re the reason why I’m thinking ‘I don’t wanna smoke on these cigarettes no more‘”. Now, it’s so perfect because it relates to my personal life in, like, quite a lot of ways. For example, I’m both addicted to nicotine as well as men. And I guess that, when you finally do meet the perfect guy, he’s probably a good replacement for cigarettes. I still gotta meet mine, though. But I’ll find him someday. I know I will. And then, my life will be perfect. Though, … this video is also perfect for me because I really like the bikini. I’ll have to go look for that, too. And then my life will be perfect. Oh, and the earrings. The earrings too.


Director of MV: Anthony Mandler



Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight)


Let’s save some bits and coins to go hang around by ourselves. You know, like those folks in the video. A little bit o’ love. A little bit o’ car. A little bit o’ music. Do whatever we feel like doing. Not noticing any of them grown-up rules. Lady, hear me tonight, cause my feeling is just so right. Reminds you of ‘Bohemian Like You’ (The Dandy fuckin’ Warhols), doesn’t it? Or that one movie where folks just hang around, not even sure if friends, – I think it’s called ‘Go’ -, but there’s Joey from Dawson’s Creek though. Ah, the nineties. When drugs were still a thing, but not nearly such all-pervasively sedatives as they are today. Yeah. Hanging around. Just hanging. It’s like that loner from ‘Into the Wild’ – and I quote “My days were more exciting when I was penniless” -, except that he didn’t really have these two awesome people hanging around him. But yeah, … some nights everything just feels right. Like when you’re with Bonnie and Clyde. And me. And a little bit o’ car. And everything just… feels right.


Modjo’s Awesome Music Video Where Three Peeps Hang Around


Director of MV: François Nemeta


Placebo – Song to Say Goodbye


You are one of God’s mistakes, you lying, crying waste of skin. Ouch. That’s harsh. A harsh introduction for a harsh problem, perhaps? And so the establishment of themes begins. Is it drugs? Is it emptiness? Is it parenting issues? Is it a lack of emotional coping? Is it a music video or a short film? Food for thought. The cool thing about innovative music video-making: Take the meaning of a song way out of context and give it additional meaning – not too far off of context, but not too close either. Just the right amount of addition and make your viewer addicted from the start. Your needle and your damage done. See. Definitely drug-related. Now I’m breaking down your door to try and save your swollen face. And so the visual journey begins. While the song deals with some addiction problem, the video deals with some kind of bad parenting issue. Let’s go for a ride. Can’t drive a car? I’ll do it, dad. Feel too bad for hugs? I’ll hug you, dad. Want to go for a drink? I’ll order one, dad. Ah, your emotions got the better of you again, didn’t they? Allow me. Everything will be fine. Today’s world happens to be filled with dads who haven’t got no time for emotions. Who needs emotions when you’ve got kids? It’s okay dad, let me handle those. You just get some rest. It’s like that research thing they did where kids were asked what they longed for from their parents the most and, unlike what most parents expected they’d say, like “more time”, most kids actually replied “more happiness for my parents”. Ah yes, growing up. It’s a song to say goodbye.


Original version

Director of MV: Philippe André

Short version


Mounika – There Is A Bed In My Head


Inner demons. Outer demons. Here’s what’s cool about underground videos: they speak up front. It’s like the news really, but without all the “we have an ethical responsibility to keep people in check”-niceties attached to it. It’s more like a “this is a problem, now deal with it”-kind of thing. Yes. Substance abuse. Believe or not. It’s an actual modern age problem. Cause how else to survive this planet governed by old people, by old mindsets? I can think of far more happier ways to look at the world than they do. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me. Who ever thought Nina Simone would be used to highlight drug escapism? Yes, let’s look at the glass differently. Let’s look at its wonderful graphics. Let’s look at the world as it really is. A happy, connected, inherently peaceful place. But is it though? A connected place? Why can’t I see this with my eyes open? Maybe those capitalism effects are clouding my head. Still … Inside my head there’s a big king-sized bed. Why in there, and not out here, you say? Well,  today’s world won’t allow for me to park my king-sized bed any place else. And this world needs a rather strong dose of some king-sized-minded thinking. But hey, it’s the system. It’s the small-minded system. And I’m feeling – nothing. Too bad for them, though. They don’t know what they’re missing out on.


Director of MV: Jesse Gohier-Fleet


Al’Tarba – Let The Ghosts Scream


So you see this guy walking along a deserted road. Knocking on some hotel’s doors. And you think, nice, this is gonna be the modern version of the Hotel California. You know, that hotel from which you can never leave. Cause, well, the beat’s kinda creepy. But instead it’s not. Creepy. Just your regular party. With your regular experimentalists. And their regular party drugs. Cause, let’s face it, do you really know how to enjoy a party without the right kind of pill? No, you do not. So yeah, just a party vid, really. … But is it, though? A party vid? See, that’s the thing with creepy songs. They require creepy vids. And, damn, this one must have cost an awful lot of pig’s blood. Look, that’s what brain damage looks like. Yep, there he goes. He’s on a roll. Laughing his ass off. This is not a party vid at all! On the contrary, this is some very educational shit. Enjoy. I did. And kids, remember that some candies make your neurons dance. In a chaotic kind of way. Sometimes creepy.

Director of MV: Yoann Vellaud


Al’Tarba – Dusty Signal


The record’s playing. A David Uzochukwu-like setting: the attic with your typical dust and sand in the mornings. I can’t stand it – you’re running around. Oh, you mean the footsteps of the girl up there? The mentally tortured boyfriend. The depraved girlfriend. Smoking doesn’t help. The whiskey wasn’t enough. A blunt didn’t cut it. We’re gonna need some white around here. There’s your typical ID. How many cards like those you can’t find after a party. It’s like, jeez guys, keep ‘em in your pocket, will ya. Anywho – the effects kick in. Perfectly illustrated by the sudden overdose of acrogym. Yes, of course we’re gonna have your usual sex. I can’t stand it – you’re running around. And then there’s your usual playing around in the market place. I’m so happy. Like, for real. But we’ve quiet down now. Where’s the rest? And, oh, for that matter, where’s my girlfriend? And where did all the colours go? Small panic attack. You’re running around. Breakdance/hiphop-breakdance/hiphop-breakdance/hiphop-breakdance/hiphh–h-h-h—breakdance/hiphop-breakdance/hiphop-breakdance/hiphop—breakdance/hiphop-breakdance/hiphop-breakdance/hiphop-breakdance-dance—. Oh, there she is. Now, where did I leave my happiness?


Director of MV: Laïkeu Fool