The Wires of Your Brain: Blockhead – The Music Scene

The music scene has got me down, cause I don't want to be a clown. Ah yes, modern alternative music struggles: how to fit in, without having to behave clownish? One trick: use one great line of seemingly little substance and repeat it over and over again on a beat that somehow just sticks. Add … Continue reading The Wires of Your Brain: Blockhead – The Music Scene

The Perfect Life: Rihanna – Rehab

  Guilty pleasures: everyone has 'em. Meet mine. Oh yes, it's the R-word indeed. Behold my first encounter with Rihanna. Now, apart from the probably very professional use of colour and panorama play in this video, well, that, and the appearance of a famous handsome guy, whom I later figured out to be J. Timberlake … Continue reading The Perfect Life: Rihanna – Rehab

Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight)

  Let's save some bits and coins to go hang around by ourselves. You know, like those folks in the video. A little bit o' love. A little bit o' car. A little bit o' music. Do whatever we feel like doing. Not noticing any of them grown-up rules. Lady, hear me tonight, cause my … Continue reading Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight)

Placebo – Song to Say Goodbye

  You are one of God’s mistakes, you lying, crying waste of skin. Ouch. That's harsh. A harsh introduction for a harsh problem, perhaps? And so the establishment of themes begins. Is it drugs? Is it emptiness? Is it parenting issues? Is it a lack of emotional coping? Is it a music video or a … Continue reading Placebo – Song to Say Goodbye

Mounika – There Is A Bed In My Head

  Inner demons. Outer demons. Here’s what’s cool about underground videos: they speak up front. It’s like the news really, but without all the “we have an ethical responsibility to keep people in check”-niceties attached to it. It’s more like a “this is a problem, now deal with it”-kind of thing. Yes. Substance abuse. Believe … Continue reading Mounika – There Is A Bed In My Head

Al’Tarba – Let The Ghosts Scream

  So you see this guy walking along a deserted road. Knocking on some hotel’s doors. And you think, nice, this is gonna be the modern version of the Hotel California. You know, that hotel from which you can never leave. Cause, well, the beat’s kinda creepy. But instead it’s not. Creepy. Just your regular … Continue reading Al’Tarba – Let The Ghosts Scream

Breakdance, Hiphop: Al’Tarba – Dusty Signal

The record’s playing. A David Uzochukwu-like setting: The attic with your typical dust and sand in the mornings. I can’t stand it – you’re running around. Oh, you mean the footsteps of the girl up there? The mentally tortured boyfriend. The depraved girlfriend. Smoking doesn’t help. The whiskey isn’t enough. A blunt doesn’t cut it. … Continue reading Breakdance, Hiphop: Al’Tarba – Dusty Signal