Kids & Explosions – Swear Words

How fucking easy it is to make a music video that shows fucking everything that’s fucked up with society, a.k.a. the fucking “adult world”, in under ninety seconds, without actually relating all that much to the original fucking song. Fuck. Ah yes. Bitch. It’s the hidden heathen’s activities and all its unrevealed hypocrisy about it. Nigga. Cuz really the things we actually do on planet Earth for most of our short-lived lives are really quite confusing. Shit. I mean, seriously, think about it, what are our actual activities in “the day-to-day trenches of adult life”? (quoting David here) Hoes. That’s right. Motherfuckin’. Sex. Beauty. Booze. Money. Pills. Anything to numb down the meaninglessness of all this wandering around and basically just wasting our time by physically or psychologically harass one another from time to time. Pussy. Kill ’em. Shit. Kill ’em all. Motherfuckers. Ah, the truth in swear words. Fuck. It’s like “modern consumerism society”, to quote David once again, “with a whole lot of rhetorical niceties stripped away”. Sluts. Or, in other words: Swear words. Tits. And let’s not forget 00:20. Bitches. Because, let’s face it – Niggas. That’s why some people need humour in their lives – Ass. And some others, yes, hysterical laughter. Like – Hoes.

Director of MV: Double Ninja

Band of Skulls – Sweet Sour


Sweet sour. Johnny had the moves, Kelly had the groove. Marc and Marcus bled it out. Nothing to see, nothing to do, so, then, what do you do? E-xactly, you harass the nearest adult, make a little fuss, randomly smash stuff, do a little dance. In short, you turn sweet sour. Y’all the Gang in town and they know it. If only this boring lil’ stuck-up place had the cash to teach you humanity. But no. – Pick up your stitches. – Yes, for real dude. Get your shit together. Pick up a stereo. Play some breakbeats. Make Liam Gallagher look like a nobody. I know what you’ve been through, we don’t really need to talk about it. Talk? No, God no. Talking only makes stuff worse. Way worse. No, we had better shake it off on the sound of music. Do a little dance, shake a little tush. Terrorise the neighbourhood with tha Band of Skulls-Gang. Yup. Sweet sour. That’s us.

Director of MV: Ian Davenport



Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight)


Let’s save some bits and coins to go hang around by ourselves. You know, like those folks in the video. A little bit o’ love. A little bit o’ car. A little bit o’ music. Do whatever we feel like doing. Not noticing any of them grown-up rules. Lady, hear me tonight, cause my feeling is just so right. Reminds you of ‘Bohemian Like You’ (The Dandy fuckin’ Warhols), doesn’t it? Or that one movie where folks just hang around, not even sure if friends, – I think it’s called ‘Go’ -, but there’s Joey from Dawson’s Creek though. Ah, the nineties. When drugs were still a thing, but not nearly such all-pervasively sedatives as they are today. Yeah. Hanging around. Just hanging. It’s like that loner from ‘Into the Wild’ – and I quote “My days were more exciting when I was penniless” -, except that he didn’t really have these two awesome people hanging around him. But yeah, … some nights everything just feels right. Like when you’re with Bonnie and Clyde. And me. And a little bit o’ car. And everything just… feels right.


Modjo’s Awesome Music Video Where Three Peeps Hang Around


Director of MV: François Nemeta


Rone – Taste City


Holding back on gravity: It makes you dream. Live, eat, cry. Makes you want to move. Laugh, dance, try. Have a cup o’ dream. Oh, I mean, tea. Have a cup o’ tea. Throw around the fantasy. Non-existing colours, rainbows, sands and trees. I feel … alone and free. This is my photography. Homemade is what I feel. And the wind’s curling on top of me. Taking me to the One Big Tree, and those places I have yet to see. I feel … alone and cold. When you want to go up, but you get pushed down, and you’re left feeling old. – No more creativity, no more electricity. What’s left of the bold side of me? I feel … an alarm clock. Vibrations through my skin. Please, yes, make it stop. Where will time lead me? Where will I be making my cup o’ tea? Ah yes, homemade creativity. Taste the city catching up on you. Feel the one reality that’s true. Cause being free means to play with gravity.

Director of MV: Natalia Dufraisse & Filip Piskorzynski, made possible by The Creators Project


Aesop Rock – Kirby


Let’s hop along on the “oh look, a small kitten acting cute”-trend. Cause for stuff to go viral, all you really need is one awesome-looking muppet and a cute kitten on your bed. Whatcha doing, Kirby? Just joking around with her boss, the psychiatric patient, or really any other human. She’s his confidante, his partner in crime, his eternal friend to turn to in times of utter pain. She’s all you ever hoped for in your Facebook’s “What’s New?”-page. Don’t have that sense of purpose other people have? Not to worry: here’s Kirbs. I mean, sure, you could get Facebook, go to a shrink, get drunk all day, … but really, all you need is a cute little pet to get to come home to. Fifteen years taking prescriptions, now a shrink like “I don’t know, maybe get a kitten?”. E-xactly. Cause kittens rock. They pass the time. Their cute little ways of going ecstatic for your average plastic bag or cardboard box, it’s just like: Damn… Maybe you’re making life more complicated than it actually is? And they’re not like dogs, too, in the sense that you’re forced to go outside and leave the tender touch of your comfy couch. No, no, life’s awesome just the way it is: Me and Kirbs hanging about. Keep an old man sharp. Keep the lovin’ alive.


Director of MV: Toben Seymour

L’Orange – Man of the Night (ft. Erica Lane)


Well, I remember my first encounter with the devil. I remember wine. And cigarettes. And way too much free time. I’d had a jazz-night that night. A lone one, that is. Ah yes, my first encounter with the devil. He came before me in a moment of utter boredom. No video game, travel or gossip activity could guide me through this one. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was boredom that would last forever. Existential boredom, that’s what so-called smart people call it. It’s some kind of imposed apathetic boredom infused with a touch of mental helplessness and a raw cherry on top (and it ain’t no chemical cherry either). Anyhoo… It’s a virus that’s been going around. Ah yes, the devil’s charming ways to manipulate you and your thoughts. He appears in front of you first as a fluffy slightly “off” feeling, then as a giant nicotine cloud, and finally as a woman clothed in a black silk dress so sexy you’ve lost all control over your breathing skills. Foolishly, I try to follow, but I fumble and fall behind. The first reflection of the devil inside you is when you drop your dreams, and you welcome him into your heart. Cause the devil works in mysterious ways. Sexy, but mysterious. He’s like the full moon really. Raw. Pure. Real. A living dead thing. But hey, there’s some good news for us bored people … Yolo!


Director of MV: Jay Brown