Beyond the Concept of “Man”

Beyond the concept of “Man” lies … An entire world of Truth. I went to a museum the other day and felt – so much pain. The decoration made me think of the Red-light district. Animals such as myself, entire species, had been killed and placed there on display, by a race who had decided … Continue reading Beyond the Concept of “Man”

Why Being Beautiful Sucks: Degiheugi – Betty

Short story inspired by the music video of the song "Betty" by Degiheugi. There's something really fulfilling about acting as a day job. It can temporarily fool you that you too are worth something, worth some loving. Cause I too need someone to hold me, kiss me, on and on, just because of the package … Continue reading Why Being Beautiful Sucks: Degiheugi – Betty

Human Betrayal: Chinese Man – Wolf

  There's something really mesmerising with music videos that tell a story that is, in truth, a metaphor for something else. Specifically if it is a metaphor for a specific kind of feeling, like restlessness or the feeling of being lost or, worse, trapped. Usually I am rather sceptic of any music video made by … Continue reading Human Betrayal: Chinese Man – Wolf

Monday: Get into your Work and Clothes

Inspired by music video: Chinese Man feat. lots of other folks - Get up. Alarmclock. For, like, the fifth time. Cause snoozing is an actual lifestyle. You look at the clock: 7 AM. Aaaaaargh. Mondays. Oh, the pain! You want to get out of bed, you really do, cause working is relatively cool, but ... … Continue reading Monday: Get into your Work and Clothes

Chinese Man – Escape

There are goals. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One.  This is it. The moment you've been waiting for. You've worked so hard for this: Escape. This is it. Leaving the wretched misery, the narrowmindedness, those intense moments of purely empty stomach aches. The ultimate way to transcend the hazy, blurry, yet … Continue reading Chinese Man – Escape

L’Orange – Man of the Night (ft. Erica Lane)

  Well, I remember my first encounter with the devil. I remember wine. And cigarettes. And way too much free time. I’d had a jazz-night that night. A lone one, that is. Ah yes, my first encounter with the devil. He came before me in a moment of utter boredom. No video game, travel or … Continue reading L’Orange – Man of the Night (ft. Erica Lane)

Al’Tarba – Let The Ghosts Scream

  So you see this guy walking along a deserted road. Knocking on some hotel’s doors. And you think, nice, this is gonna be the modern version of the Hotel California. You know, that hotel from which you can never leave. Cause, well, the beat’s kinda creepy. But instead it’s not. Creepy. Just your regular … Continue reading Al’Tarba – Let The Ghosts Scream

Wax Tailor ft. Voice – The Games You Play

  When I was a kid we used to play a game. Let the games begin. Let’s mix up hip hop with jazz, funk and classical samples. What you get is: playing games with different genres, or, as some like to call it, experimental hip hop. I think you know the rules of our game. … Continue reading Wax Tailor ft. Voice – The Games You Play

Breakdance, Hiphop: Al’Tarba – Dusty Signal

The record’s playing. A David Uzochukwu-like setting: The attic with your typical dust and sand in the mornings. I can’t stand it – you’re running around. Oh, you mean the footsteps of the girl up there? The mentally tortured boyfriend. The depraved girlfriend. Smoking doesn’t help. The whiskey isn’t enough. A blunt doesn’t cut it. … Continue reading Breakdance, Hiphop: Al’Tarba – Dusty Signal