Tastes Like Salt

Tears taste like salt. Did you know that? He doesn’t reply. He touches my cheek. You have a pretty face, he says, pretty body too. His eyes wander down. I’ve seen this look before, from other men. He caresses my shoulder. He plays with me like a child. Don’t you like this?, he says. I … Continue reading Tastes Like Salt

Genius and Aloneness: Tokio Myers – Angel

'It's not me, it's you', she had said. She had looked at you in pity, down in Donnie Darko's good ol' fashioned downtown's diner, where you two first met. You thought she was different, unique. Why else would she have been in that shabby ol' jazz diner? At the time, you thought you could lose … Continue reading Genius and Aloneness: Tokio Myers – Angel

Why Being Beautiful Sucks: Degiheugi – Betty

Short story inspired by the music video of the song "Betty" by Degiheugi. There's something really fulfilling about acting as a day job. It can temporarily fool you that you too are worth something, worth some loving. Cause I too need someone to hold me, kiss me, on and on, just because of the package … Continue reading Why Being Beautiful Sucks: Degiheugi – Betty

You Can’t Tame a Wild One: Lucky Rose ft. Tep No – Wild One

Short story based on music video "Wild One" of DJs Lucky Rose and Tep No.   It's difficult to tame a wild one. They all want one, until they actually have one. Then it blows up in their faces. You simply can't tame the one thing that is too afraid to be caged. It will … Continue reading You Can’t Tame a Wild One: Lucky Rose ft. Tep No – Wild One

Moby – In This World

  That feeling when you're off. Off to see the world. You're all packed up and ready to go. To go see distant lands, see creatures you've never seen before, only heard talking of. Those places you've never visited before; of which you never knew their beautiful existence. And so you spread your wings and … Continue reading Moby – In This World

The Cutest Kitten Trend: Aesop Rock – Kirby

Let's hop along on the "oh look, a small kitten acting cute"-trend. Cause for stuff to go viral, all you really need is one awesome-looking muppet and a cute kitten on your bed. Whatcha doing, Kirby? Just joking around with her boss, the psychiatric patient, or really any other human. She's his confidante, his partner … Continue reading The Cutest Kitten Trend: Aesop Rock – Kirby