Son Lux – Easy


Fetishes. What is it, what are they for? They’re actually pretty useful, you know, the way dreams are. Take this woman. She’s smart, cute, playful. Or so she was before … well, before she entered patriarchy. Cause there was of course the time she felt abandoned, rejected, humiliated. Sound familiar? Here’s what you do: Pull out your heart – to make the being alone easy. And you simply turn your attention elsewhere. To drawing, for example. Or to the little things in life. Or to fetishes. It doesn’t really matter what it is you turn your attention to. As long as it makes the being alone easy. As long as you leave patriarchy at the door. Cause you wanna stay in control of your body. Of, you know, this body that is Yours. Break the bridle – to make losing control easy. But of course, if you’re really into fetishes, you might wanna start thinking out of tha box. Don’t let them control you. Don’t let them tell you what to do. Just DIY. There’s a term for this kind of mindset. It’s called Self-love. It’s something you’re gonna need. Trust me. Or, wait … perhaps it was Self-destruction? I can’t recall the right term right now. Anyhoo … it doesn’t matter all that much. The important thing to remember is that, if you do as I say, you’ll find you won’t ever have to remember again. Burn all your things – to make the fight to forget easy. Yes, I know! Isn’t it great?! It’s a marvelous little device, this fetish thing. It’s like lucid dreaming. Break the bridle, take the leash, learn to let go. And the good news is, you won’t feel a thing. Ever.

Director of MV: David Terry Fine

Röyksopp – What Else Is There?


The world. Sometimes you wish you could just fly away. Floating against the tide. But of course, there’s always that one person you’ll have to take with. That floating ghost in the floating house that is … your brain. I am the storm, and I am the wonder, and the flashlights, nightmares, sudden explosions. Or in other words: your playful side and your somewhat darker side – where the latter is really just a synonym for “room for improvement”. That’s why flashlights are so important here. So let’s improve some issues, shall we? Let’s not bulldoze over our deeper, darker side. No, no, let’s just acknowledge it’s there. Feeling bad about being your scared small needy self again? Having just one wish, namely to not be this way? … Flying away from others is one thing, flying away from yourself is … an entirely different matter. Drove yourself off the road yesterday, did you? Let me give you some advice: it’s not the world that’s frustrating, it’s you. Well, not you, YOU, but your thoughts. It’s them damn busy, frustrating, judgmental thoughts. Or at least, that’s what Eckhart Tolle would say. There’s no room where I can go. I know, that’s kind of the thing with thoughts. You’re just wandering around, minding your own business, watching them thoughts flow by, and then suddenly KABAM. What else is there? Nothing. Just you: At times the Storm, at times the Wonder. If I am the storm, if I am the wonder, will I have flashlights, nightmares, sudden explosions? Yes, you will. Welcome to the world that only you inhabit. Now, I have only one word for you. Flashlights.


Director of MV: Martin de Thurah

Woodkid – I Love You


A long intro, huh? – Yes. It’s gonna be that kind of video. Though these kinds of videos do not usually predict much good, let’s watch it anyway. Cause the song’s cool. And cause Woodkid’s  music videos (MVs) are like mysterious theme-chained chapters of a bigger picture. Example, the main character of his previous MV “Run Boy Run” was this little boy who likes to run. So let’s pick up where we left off. Let’s look at the boy now that it’s no longer running. I am softly watching you, but, boy, your eyes betray what burns inside you. Ah yes, the viewer watching, but without real understanding. On the one hand a church, an organ, and a country-hat kind of guy. On the other, a deserted landscape with one very lost guy out there (same guy). Two sides to a coin? What’s the missing link here? Is there anything I could do to get some attention from you? – Probably not. That’s the way love goes. One loving the other much more than vice versa. If only I had them keys to you. The sound of love is out of tune. Same old, same old. But feelings aren’t black and white. Or are they? Inner worlds. You never seem to get a hold of them. They suck you up, spit you out, then come back to haunt you. Or how to wonderfully represent this fact by sucking you up (at sea), spitting you out (in church) and letting your hands betray what’s really going on here. Falling through the whales there, are you? – Yes. Cause that’s what unattainable love is like.


Director of MV: Woodkid (a.k.a. Yoann Lemoine)