Son Lux – Easy

  Fetishes. What is it, what are they for? They’re actually pretty useful, you know, the way dreams are. Take this woman. She's smart, cute, playful. Or so she was before ... well, before she entered patriarchy. Cause there was of course the time she felt abandoned, rejected, humiliated. Sound familiar? Here's what you do: … Continue reading Son Lux – Easy

The Storm in Your Thoughts: Röyksopp – What Else Is There?

The world. Sometimes you wish you could just fly away. Floating against the tide. But of course, there’s always that one person you’ll have to take with. That floating ghost in the floating house that is … your brain. I am the storm, and I am the wonder, and the flashlights, nightmares, sudden explosions. Or … Continue reading The Storm in Your Thoughts: Röyksopp – What Else Is There?

Woodkid – I Love You

  A long intro, huh? - Yes. It’s gonna be that kind of video. Though these kinds of videos do not usually predict much good, let’s watch it anyway. Cause the song’s cool. And cause Woodkid’s  music videos (MVs) are like mysterious theme-chained chapters of a bigger picture. Example, the main character of his previous … Continue reading Woodkid – I Love You