Aerosmith – Pink

Pink – it’s not even a question. Try to do a music video on the colour Pink. I’m thinking Barbie, the Pink Panther, Think Pink, and, of course, the colour pink. Yet, Aerosmith chose to do something entirely different. Cause what is pink other than something that sticks out in a crowd? Pink, my friends, is the new kind of cool. It’s the premonition of Pinkish Lady Gaga-like personalities. I want to be your lover. Cause you’re cool, and weird. I like that. Respect that. Who doesn’t like Pink? Pink is fucking awesome, and weird. Weird equals unique. Unique equals diversity. Diversity equals cool. Hence, Pink = True. People who are Pink light up your bedroom and your fuel. You could be my flamingo. Oh, can I?! I would love to be your flamingo! This is gonna be so much fun! Ah yes, pink. It’s kink. Pink is, by far, my favourite crayon to colour the edges of life with. I mean, think about it. Pink – It’s like red, but not quite.

Director of MV: Doug Nichol



L’Orange – Man of the Night (ft. Erica Lane)


Well, I remember my first encounter with the devil. I remember wine. And cigarettes. And way too much free time. I’d had a jazz-night that night. A lone one, that is. Ah yes, my first encounter with the devil. He came before me in a moment of utter boredom. No video game, travel or gossip activity could guide me through this one. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was boredom that would last forever. Existential boredom, that’s what so-called smart people call it. It’s some kind of imposed apathetic boredom infused with a touch of mental helplessness and a raw cherry on top (and it ain’t no chemical cherry either). Anyhoo… It’s a virus that’s been going around. Ah yes, the devil’s charming ways to manipulate you and your thoughts. He appears in front of you first as a fluffy slightly “off” feeling, then as a giant nicotine cloud, and finally as a woman clothed in a black silk dress so sexy you’ve lost all control over your breathing skills. Foolishly, I try to follow, but I fumble and fall behind. The first reflection of the devil inside you is when you drop your dreams, and you welcome him into your heart. Cause the devil works in mysterious ways. Sexy, but mysterious. He’s like the full moon really. Raw. Pure. Real. A living dead thing. But hey, there’s some good news for us bored people … Yolo!


Director of MV: Jay Brown


Garbage – I Think I’m Paranoid


Guitar. Suggestive move. Lips. You can look, but you can’t touch. That’s how to properly introduce a sexually tinted rock music video. Dear viewer: you can look, but you can’t touch. How painfully true… Moving on. I think I’m paranoid, and complicated. Ah yes, any free-fought woman can relate to that kind of thinking. I think I’m paranoid, manipulated. Ah yes, any modern man can relate to that. And, overall, drug-users can relate to both… Main themes established. Add a lot of PhotoBooth-effects and nano-second close-ups of the independent punk lady in the front and real sexiness reveals itself. No need for a naked lady on a giant ball. Just some shots of a woman’s lips, a playful sixties-dress, a hint of equally playful underwear, combat shoes, fifty shades of grey and a lot of body language stressing the “I’m paranoid, I know it and, well, that’s me”-attitude and you’ve got a recipe for one VERY sexy video. And, well, the collar helps too. Add a Patti Smith-like bass voice to it and some stuffing of the mouth with one strange hand-move and that’s it. You’ve established yourself a clear combo of sexy punkrock and insanity. Any viewer can relate to that. Ah yes. Please me, tease me.


Director of MV: Matthew Rolston