Sexy Storytelling: Garbage – I Think I’m Paranoid

Guitar. Suggestive move. Lips. You can look, but you can’t touch. That’s how to properly introduce a sexually tinted rock music video. Dear viewer: You can look, but you cannot touch. How painfully true … Moving on. I think I’m paranoid, and complicated. Ah yes, any free-fought woman can relate to that kind of thinking. I think I’m paranoid, manipulated. Ah yes, any modern man can relate to that. And, overall, drug-users can relate to both … Main themes established. Add a lot of PhotoBooth-effects and nano-second close-ups of the independent punk lady in the front and real sexiness reveals itself. No need for a naked lady on a giant ball. Just some shots of a woman’s lips, a playful sixties-dress, a hint of equally playful underwear, combat shoes, fifty shades of grey and a lot of body language stressing the “I’m paranoid, I know it and, well, that’s me”-attitude and you’ve got a recipe for one very sexy video. And, well, the collar helps too. Add a Patti Smith-like bass voice to it and some stuffing of the mouth with one strange hand-move and that’s it. You’ve established yourself a clear combo of sexy punkrock and insanity. Any viewer can relate to that. Ah yes. Please me, tease me.

Director of MV: Matthew Rolston

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