Quarantaine Dreamachine: Flume – More Than You Thought

So you’ve got the robotic rhythm and them alien signs, and, of course, a girl. This one’s wearing a glass helmet and a black cloak. The image of her chair hitting the ground makes for perfect photography. But first: Let the robot speak, that alien television-looking thingy in front of her. They caught her, tied her up, forced her to watch that thing. Looking at her sideways, she looks like Death itself trapped in a corner. The thing has a name: The Infinity Prism (which actually exists!). An exact replica of today’s all-pervasive, yet fatal audio-visual paranoia. Undoubtedly sending out some Flume-tunes. And the dungeon they put her in … you’re like, damn, where can I buy this thing? It’s perfect for my freshly renovated basement downstairs. I would love to put a girl in there. Force her to listen to Flume, to see the light, the universal meaning of music … I’d be like, you see? You see now how to break free? Cause suddenly it’s there: She lifts up, as does her chair. Another perfect photograph. Caught up in her screen, as you are caught up in yours. Breaking free from all earthly matter, hypnotised by the Dreamachine-kind of screen. She has discovered how to literally be caught up in music. How to, yes, vanish for a little while. And so have you.

Director of MV: Toby & Pete

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