Chet Faker – Talk is Cheap

  So you look at it, right, and you think “Oh yeey, snow”. But instead it's not your typical cosy snow scene. It’s ice. Melting. And there’s a dead body underneath. As cold as ice. Nice way of going from idyllic to pure coldheartedness. And the ice is cracking up into this painting-like photoshoppic sculpture … Continue reading Chet Faker – Talk is Cheap

Quarantaine Dreamachine: Flume – More Than You Thought

So you've got the robotic rhythm and them alien signs, and, of course, a girl. This one's wearing a glass helmet and a black cloak. The image of her chair hitting the ground makes for perfect photography. But first: Let the robot speak, that alien television-looking thingy in front of her. They caught her, tied … Continue reading Quarantaine Dreamachine: Flume – More Than You Thought