Censorship, Freedom of Expression & Climate Change

You were right from the start, you taught me to see my part.
In the big confused world out there, you gotta take your part. You can’t just leave its future in the hands of other confused people, can you?

The iron hand did not understand the cry of the common man.
Said the history teacher? I mean, “the iron hand”? I’m pretty sure the iron hand is still in charge.

If you would be my girl, we’d ran a little world.
We’d have the most awesome world ever created, of that I am sure!
We’d be good to others, and good to ourselves. We’d be allowed to be impulsive from time to time and we’d definitely be more self-aware than past generations. We’d recognise our role in today’s world history. And, most of all, we would talk. Plain, out loud, talking. “Direct communication”. Not as it is now, when talking is done underground, where you’re kind of forced to state your ideal ideas quietly, and anonymously, … you know, kind of like Anonymous does. No no, we’d be free to express our feelings, thoughts and ideas, however strange they may sound. We would recognise the importance of standing up to a dominant few, we’d recognise the importance of our own revolutionary thinking. We’d be united, and connected, and self-conscious. No running away here, with us, with the new generation.

Just plain revolutionary thought – spoken out loud – on what actually matters.

In all its forms.
Doing the right thing (regardless of how it makes you look).
A better future for ourselves.
The climate change revolution.

I could have it all, if only you were here.
I could have it all, if only others were here to help me.
My parents.
My siblings.
Their colleagues.
Unfortunately, we would still need emotional back-up to be able to do this. Cause the human species is tricky that way. That is, we always think we can’t do it alone. We can’t change – alone.
We think we need a herd.

Not a hero.
A herd.

Director of MV: Thierry Lefevre

This flash fiction story was written after being inspired by the music video and song “Four To The Floor” by Starsailor.

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