Woodkid – I Will Fall For You

I took a chance to build a world of mine. Is what she thought. It didn’t work out. And now there’s just feelings. Everywhere. Who can stand them. Feelings. I came to break the wall that rose around you. Is what he said. To see the land of all. Which land, she said, there is no land to see. Just feelings, one on top of the other on top of all the others. All those other people’s feelings. You do not want to feel them. There’s a reason there’s a wall. You’d build one too if you felt it all. – I’m proud of you, to hold you. I’m proud of you, to hold you. I’m proud of you, to hold. – Stop it, she thought. There’s nothing here. Just feelings on top of feelings. You wouldn’t want to feel them. Stop resisting, is what he said. It is a strength, not a curse. Stop resisting. Stop. No, she thought. There is nothing here to see, nor feel. Leave. Is what she said. I will fall for you. Is what he said. Breathing down her neck. Well, then I will leave. Is what she said.

Director of MV: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui & Yoann Lemoine

Coco Rosie – Child Bride


This is my wedding night. So it would seem. Now, you can think as you wish, but this is some very good acting for a child her age. And the singer’s voice fits the actress perfectly. The big eyebrows, the gap between her teeth, the innocent eyes: All things typically associated with kids her age. But look at her skin: Rather European, isn’t it? Interesting… Off she goes with her parents. To the guy with the black hat. The muzzle she’s wearing is by the way the perfect symbol for girls having to go through this type of thing. Watch any documentary about child marriages in India and you’ll instantly know what is implied here. You’re the bride, but never the star. The bride, but never in control. As she walks away from her parents, another important detail: Her mother wearing the exact same muzzle. It reminds me of that time I asked my father if, this time, we could go to a women-friendly country during the holidays, to which he shockingly replied: “You have got be kidding me! You’ve just excluded three fourths of the world.” Ah yes, the eternal Trump or Clinton-issue. Go for the guy who isn’t really suited for the job, or for the person who is perhaps a bit more suited, but doesn’t have a penis? Hmm… Tricky. Oh shit. I just made this a political issue, didn’t I? And a not so funny one too. Cause some things aren’t funny.


Director of MV: Emma Freeman


Sleep Party People – I’m Not Human at All


Giant plastic bags. Bubbles. Cocoons. Tiny little cells raging. I’m not human at all – I have no heart. Cause to be humane is to have a heart. Is to care about others. And about emotions, too. Empathy: you either have it or you don’t. I don’t. And ’emotions’, what are those? You only care about your own cocoon, he said. Your own balloon. I wasn’t part of this world. Not now, not ever. “You’re alien, and heartless”. If you could put people in boxes, I was floating somewhere outside of them boxes. Them boxes wrapped up in one giant box called ‘Humans’. I was even outside o’ that one, he said. It reminded me of this one guy in high school, pointing at me too, laughing, with this big smile on his face: “You’re heartless – heartlesssss!”. If only memories would leave. It would make cocoons so much more comfortable. The plastic of the bag scratches my hands, my toes, my lips. Echoes in my head – “heartlesssss!”. It’s not my fault I’m not human at all. I mean, we can’t all have a heart. Right? Still, it’s good to have people burst your bubble every now and then.

Director of MV: Marie Limkilde

Trixie Whitley – Closer


As we grow older, imagine me closer to you. Wow, this motion picture could’ve been a painting exhibition. A modern take on the Mona Lisa. What you can do with a simple shot at the right time in the song with the right light and colour…. Oh, so this is what make-up looks like when you’re closer (not the slightest hint of skin asymmetry). Directors who challenge the artist: Be a model. Hold your face still. Learn how to lip sync (though some “artists” know how to do this already of course). Use micro-expressions to maximize pathos. Don’t just act you, BE the real you. Was I naive for trying to believe that beauty on bound – this right here is beauty on bound – could be found? This instant makes even me at a total loss for words. The immense richness of associations with those words “beauty (on) bound”, I’m thinking female rights, female beauty, female insecurity, and so on and so forth, all wrapped up in one perfectly beautiful context such as this one…, though the beauty on bound you’re talking about is probably emotional and totally free from any gender-related context. Cause you’re referring to emotional beauty, right? You know, that thing humans call Love. As we grow older – and apparently change clothes accordingly –, imagine me closer to you. No need to imagine that. Those pure micro-expressions? The lip sync-thingy? The Mona Lisa eye watch? No, no, you’re already close enough. And I must say, I do like the view. The importance of beauty. Or how to make an awesome music video on a low budget.


Director of MV: Anders Malmberg