Moderat – Bad Kingdom


Comic books. Truth novels. Tunnel vision.You gotta have those. My monochromatic friends. Creepy little bastards creeping in on you. Party-hardy business men. All the money in the world, but not a single touch of so-called “time”. All the dreams, but not a single hint of cold-heated bravery. This is not what you wanted. Ah? Were we conscious of what we wanted, then? Cause things never really go our way, do they? Not what you had in mind. If only that mind of ours were strong enough to cope with things adequately. If only it could handle things the way they’re supposed to be handled. But no, you had to go do something crazy. You just thought one day: Let’s do politics. Yes. Let’s try politics. People need me. But people aren’t easily persuaded… Or are they? – Not by logic anyway. – Irritating little schmugs. Insects closing in on you. Serpents prone to bribery, blackmail, or the occasional threatening of whatever it is your wicked mind can think of. This is not what you wanted. Insects. Serpents. Creeps. Always blocking you. Always standing in your way. Always creeping up on you. Or – Or perhaps it really is just you?


Director of MV: Pfadfinderei


Mounika – There Is A Bed In My Head


Inner demons. Outer demons. Here’s what’s cool about underground videos: they speak up front. It’s like the news really, but without all the “we have an ethical responsibility to keep people in check”-niceties attached to it. It’s more like a “this is a problem, now deal with it”-kind of thing. Yes. Substance abuse. Believe or not. It’s an actual modern age problem. Cause how else to survive this planet governed by old people, by old mindsets? I can think of far more happier ways to look at the world than they do. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me. Who ever thought Nina Simone would be used to highlight drug escapism? Yes, let’s look at the glass differently. Let’s look at its wonderful graphics. Let’s look at the world as it really is. A happy, connected, inherently peaceful place. But is it though? A connected place? Why can’t I see this with my eyes open? Maybe those capitalism effects are clouding my head. Still … Inside my head there’s a big king-sized bed. Why in there, and not out here, you say? Well,  today’s world won’t allow for me to park my king-sized bed any place else. And this world needs a rather strong dose of some king-sized-minded thinking. But hey, it’s the system. It’s the small-minded system. And I’m feeling – nothing. Too bad for them, though. They don’t know what they’re missing out on.


Director of MV: Jesse Gohier-Fleet


Wax Tailor ft. Voice – The Games You Play


When I was a kid we used to play a game. Let the games begin. Let’s mix up hip hop with jazz, funk and classical samples. What you get is: playing games with different genres, or, as some like to call it, experimental hip hop. I think you know the rules of our game. Rules? You mean the conventional today’s society-expects-this-and-that-of-you-rules? Those rules? Those useless, irrational and purely based on conformity rules?? While you be acting macho, I try and switch it up. Oh. Oh, I see. You mean those games. My bad. I see the games you play, and the traps you lay. Yes, those games are indeed very obvious to the average female. But I let you play them anyway. That’s life, ain’t it? I do what I do, and you do whatever it is you do. I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do. It’s like society really. Your world is make-believe. Bam! Girl power in this dude’s face. Yes… Yes… Any female knows the type of guy you speak of. The I’m-just-gonna-make-this-girl-mine-and-it’s-in-the-bag type of guy. The otherwise useless guy. Take away his charm around women and what’s left is … some unknown guy. Well now, you’ve been faking the funk since the beginning. “Faking the funk”. Awesome alliteration there. Gotta use that line in my day-to-day communication with assholes. But okay. That game, you mean. I thought you meant the whole society-faking-democracy-game. Though… if you think about it, you could imagine society as your regular asshole… I mean, they do seem to share the same qualities. Just sayin’.


Director of MV: Tenas