Moderat – Bad Kingdom

  Comic books. Truth novels. Tunnel vision.You gotta have those. My monochromatic friends. Creepy little bastards creeping in on you. Party-hardy business men. All the money in the world, but not a single touch of so-called "time". All the dreams, but not a single hint of cold-heated bravery. This is not what you wanted. Ah? Were … Continue reading Moderat – Bad Kingdom

Mounika – There Is A Bed In My Head

  Inner demons. Outer demons. Here’s what’s cool about underground videos: they speak up front. It’s like the news really, but without all the “we have an ethical responsibility to keep people in check”-niceties attached to it. It’s more like a “this is a problem, now deal with it”-kind of thing. Yes. Substance abuse. Believe … Continue reading Mounika – There Is A Bed In My Head

Wax Tailor ft. Voice – The Games You Play

  When I was a kid we used to play a game. Let the games begin. Let’s mix up hip hop with jazz, funk and classical samples. What you get is: playing games with different genres, or, as some like to call it, experimental hip hop. I think you know the rules of our game. … Continue reading Wax Tailor ft. Voice – The Games You Play