Moderat – Bad Kingdom


Comic books. Truth novels. Tunnel vision.You gotta have those. My monochromatic friends. Creepy little bastards creeping in on you. Party-hardy business men. All the money in the world, but not a single touch of so-called “time”. All the dreams, but not a single hint of cold-heated bravery. This is not what you wanted. Ah? Were we conscious of what we wanted, then? Cause things never really go our way, do they? Not what you had in mind. If only that mind of ours were strong enough to cope with things adequately. If only it could handle things the way they’re supposed to be handled. But no, you had to go do something crazy. You just thought one day: Let’s do politics. Yes. Let’s try politics. People need me. But people aren’t easily persuaded… Or are they? – Not by logic anyway. – Irritating little schmugs. Insects closing in on you. Serpents prone to bribery, blackmail, or the occasional threatening of whatever it is your wicked mind can think of. This is not what you wanted. Insects. Serpents. Creeps. Always blocking you. Always standing in your way. Always creeping up on you. Or – Or perhaps it really is just you?


Director of MV: Pfadfinderei


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