Moderat – Bad Kingdom


Comic books. Truth novels. Tunnel vision.You gotta have those. My monochromatic friends. Creepy little bastards creeping in on you. Party-hardy business men. All the money in the world, but not a single touch of so-called “time”. All the dreams, but not a single hint of cold-heated bravery. This is not what you wanted. Ah? Were we conscious of what we wanted, then? Cause things never really go our way, do they? Not what you had in mind. If only that mind of ours were strong enough to cope with things adequately. If only it could handle things the way they’re supposed to be handled. But no, you had to go do something crazy. You just thought one day: Let’s do politics. Yes. Let’s try politics. People need me. But people aren’t easily persuaded… Or are they? – Not by logic anyway. – Irritating little schmugs. Insects closing in on you. Serpents prone to bribery, blackmail, or the occasional threatening of whatever it is your wicked mind can think of. This is not what you wanted. Insects. Serpents. Creeps. Always blocking you. Always standing in your way. Always creeping up on you. Or – Or perhaps it really is just you?


Director of MV: Pfadfinderei


Vieux Farka Touré – All The Same (ft. Dave Matthews)


It’s a jungle out there, man. New school, new job, new … something. It’s all the same, isn’t it? Smiles, and promises. Every cave you enter, they love you, they welcome you and then, all of a sudden, you find yourself left out. Here’s the thing. They don’t want you, they wonder what you’ve got. Have you got true moral values, great skills and a kick-ass attitude, but no proof to show for it? Join the club! I wonder what you can add to the pile. We’re happy to have you. Look, there’s Thomas, he’s the joker of the club, always in for a joke or two, and there’s Jay, the silent rebel. Don’t mind her too much, she’s kind of a weirdo. But curious, though. Curious indeed. I see you’re a natural leader. Come here so you can get this chaotic bunch of self-righteous kids united. I am so excited you’re here. Now, let’s do this thang! Oh …  Oh, I see you’ve found your way around Jay, the silent rebel. What’s that she’s saying? It may taste sweet, but, love, it’s not. What may taste sweet? The sense of power of being in charge? The sense of belonging to a group of like-minded people? Belonging to, yes, the most enthusiastic team ever made?! What, what is it? Seriously, I didn’t quite get that. It might taste sweet, but that’s not love. Ah, … Ah, so now you’re leaving, huh? Well, I don’t care. I couldn’t care less. We don’t need you. We’ve got Thomas, the joker. You can forget about being a cave leader now. Have fun in your stupid little, … curious, … rebelly, forest thingy.


Director of MV: Sam Bathrick


Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life


Let’s do some tap dancing and mix it up with modern  Canadian architecture. Let’s do a René Magritte-scenery. In my secret life. That’s a house filled with dark corners and Kubrick-like staircases. I cheat and I lie, I do what I have to do to get by. Ah yes, getting by obviously requires cheating and lying. And cleaning too. How else to survive myself? But I know what is wrong, and I know what is right. It’s just that sometimes your mind can feel split. Sometimes it behaves in “unsexy myriad petty little ways” as David Foster Wallace would say. Ah yes. My split mind has got a mind of its own. Moving across the borders of my secret life. Doesn’t matter how cool a car you have. Or how complexly beautiful the bricks of your brain are. The complexity of split personalities. Them egg-head creatures. Lost souls trying to get by, or move up. Trying to find a sense of belonging, and love, and Self. But no can do… I’m always alone and my heart is like ice. Or when your heart is shut out, and your brain takes full control of your actions. And no other egg-head can crack you. And it’s crowded and cold. In your secret life.


Director of MV: Floria Sigismondi


Tracy Chapman – Telling Stories


There is fiction in the space between. You ever catch yourself on judging a book by its cover? Cause I have it all the time. How many times I didn’t leave a book on the shelf for this exact reason. This video clip reminds me of the few times I wasn’t wrapped up in my own head, but actually paying attention to my surroundings on a bus (or train or (fill in here)). There is fiction in the space between – my tiny dumb skull and reality. How many thoughts don’t race through that overloaded skull of mine. Unbelievable. You would do and say anything to make your everyday life seem less mundane. I know. I am aware of this fact. Take the girl who’s pretending to be in Egypt, she’s definitely having the same problem. Racing through those thoughts of her. Or the creepy Nazi guy over there. Oops, my bad. Not so much a Nazi. It’s them clothes. He should pay attention to them clothes. But take the guy who’s comforting his girlfriend over there. Oops, my bad. Not so much a guy. Let’s start over. Those thugs, definitely thugs. Thinking they can just vandalize everything. Well, I’m not afraid! I couldn’t care shit, let them go back to wherever they came from and… Oops, my bad. Not so much thug-level in the air. I’m beginning to understand the fiction part of which you speak. Sometimes a lie is the best thing. Yes. I can see why.


Director of MV: Herb Ritts