Michelle Gurevich – Vacation from Love


I’m at a wedding, once again. A woman I’ve never seen before approaches me. She’s wearing a fashionable dress, with red painted toe nails in high Armani heels. ‘No boyfriend?’, she curiously asks. As if it matters. Yet another soul who doesn’t understand independency. But I know why she has one. I can understand. ‘I’m on vacation‘, I say, proudly. Her left eyebrow slightly twitches. Her face asks for the benefits of this not so ordinary vacation. Well, if you must know… I’m doing whatever I want. No noise, no whining, no messages from hell. No one’s asking for dinner, no one’s getting upset. Funny how, when they’re about, you feel alone; and when you’re alone, you feel alive. I’m reminded again of who I was when we met. Yup, vacations from love. You should try it some time, I kindly reply. It’s a lot better than hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere, I’ll tell you that. No seriously, you should try it. You can even work out a ‘6-months ON, 6-months OFF’-plan. When loneliness sets in, do it all again. Trust me, it’s the best vacation you’ll ever have. And you don’t even have to leave the country. I’m telling you, it’s gonna broaden your horizon in ways you never held possible. Those thoughts that just don’t come when you’re next to someone. ‘So when are you coming back?’, she asks. I shrug my shoulders, turn my gaze towards the buffet. Dunno. I’m on vacation.


Director of MV: Michelle Gurevich



Woodkid – I Will Fall For You

I took a chance to build a world of mine. Is what she thought. It didn’t work out. And now there’s just feelings. Everywhere. Who can stand them. Feelings. I came to break the wall that rose around you. Is what he said. To see the land of all. Which land, she said, there is no land to see. Just feelings, one on top of the other on top of all the others. All those other people’s feelings. You do not want to feel them. There’s a reason there’s a wall. You’d build one too if you felt it all. – I’m proud of you, to hold you. I’m proud of you, to hold you. I’m proud of you, to hold. – Stop it, she thought. There’s nothing here. Just feelings on top of feelings. You wouldn’t want to feel them. Stop resisting, is what he said. It is a strength, not a curse. Stop resisting. Stop. No, she thought. There is nothing here to see, nor feel. Leave. Is what she said. I will fall for you. Is what he said. Breathing down her neck. Well, then I will leave. Is what she said.

Director of MV: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui & Yoann Lemoine

K’s Choice – Everything for Free


Of course I gotta review the best video ever made. Why the best? Well, for starters, the song kicks ass. Say what you want, but good songs just sound good. To anyone. Specifically if you like contrasts. The sort of musical mood swings some might call manic depression, put on record. Lyrics? Pretty vague, but not so vague that you can’t relate. Video? Well, the overall view is still in the psychiatric area isn’t it? Except that, now, they do seem to imply that anyone, anywhere, is a sort of distorted maniac just living their thoughts under the gloomy layers of that which is labelled “normal”. It’s like what Erasmus claimed: Is anybody really, like, normal? … Food for thought.


Director of MV: Peter Christopherson

Rone – Taste City


Holding back on gravity: It makes you dream. Live, eat, cry. Makes you want to move. Laugh, dance, try. Have a cup o’ dream. Oh, I mean, tea. Have a cup o’ tea. Throw around the fantasy. Non-existing colours, rainbows, sands and trees. I feel … alone and free. This is my photography. Homemade is what I feel. And the wind’s curling on top of me. Taking me to the One Big Tree, and those places I have yet to see. I feel … alone and cold. When you want to go up, but you get pushed down, and you’re left feeling old. – No more creativity, no more electricity. What’s left of the bold side of me? I feel … an alarm clock. Vibrations through my skin. Please, yes, make it stop. Where will time lead me? Where will I be making my cup o’ tea? Ah yes, homemade creativity. Taste the city catching up on you. Feel the one reality that’s true. Cause being free means to play with gravity.

Director of MV: Natalia Dufraisse & Filip Piskorzynski, made possible by The Creators Project