Feelings: Woodkid – I Will Fall For You

I took a chance to build a world of mine. Is what she thought. It didn’t work out. And now there’s just feelings. Everywhere. Who can stand them. Feelings. I came to break the wall that rose around you. Is what he said. To see the land of all. Which land, she said, there is no land to see. Just feelings, one on top of the other on top of all the others. All those other people’s feelings. You do not want to feel them. There’s a reason there’s a wall. You’d build one too if you felt it all. – I’m proud of you, to hold you. I’m proud of you, to hold you. I’m proud of you, to hold. – Stop it, she thought. There’s nothing here. Just feelings on top of feelings. You wouldn’t want to feel them. Stop resisting, is what he said. It is a strength, not a curse. Stop resisting. Stop. No, she thought. There is nothing here to see, nor feel. Leave. Is what she said. I will fall for you. Is what he said. Breathing down her neck. Well, then I will leave. Is what she said.

Director of MV: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui & Yoann Lemoine

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