Civilised Animals: Caravan Palace – Lone Digger

So we’re on our way to the “Lone Digger” huh? Or what else is this place called? “The Sexy Gazelle”? Haha. Yes. Party music videos, who needs another one of those again. They probably thought that a parabellish didactic little story would be more in place here. Yes. Animals. Let’s use animals to do the partying. Cats, to be more specific. Cause cats are cute. Me like cats. Hey brother, what you thinking? Cats. Of course! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that earlier. The choice is so obvious. Don’t be the party guy. Yes, let us not do a regular human party in a regular human bar. Let’s do the animal kingdom in a strip club. It’s hot when things get messy. Yes, I’ve got it! Even better. Let’s do cats and dogs in a gazelle strip club fighting it out in a bar fight. Yes. Let’s do Zootopia for adults. Because in the more adult – “real” – Zootopia world, anyone can be nothing. Or: non-existent. Let’s do civilised animals – no claws needed – who let their emotions do the actions. Very un-like humanity. Let’s do cats who dress well. Who’ve got manners. Good-natured cats, well-groomed kittens just looking for fun … That is, if no one spills their milk, of course.

Director of MV: Double Ninja

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