Stapling Samples: Gotye – State of the Art

State of the art. Ah yes, why go purchase an actual instrument when you've got a computer? No wait, no. Not just any computer, a Cotillion D575. Why try to be artistic when you've got a simple computer to shizzle the dizzle for ya? And how much art is really art, anyway? If art is … Continue reading Stapling Samples: Gotye – State of the Art

The Wires of Your Brain: Blockhead – The Music Scene

The music scene has got me down, cause I don't want to be a clown. Ah yes, modern alternative music struggles: how to fit in, without having to behave clownish? One trick: use one great line of seemingly little substance and repeat it over and over again on a beat that somehow just sticks. Add … Continue reading The Wires of Your Brain: Blockhead – The Music Scene

Consumerism: Kanye West – Flashing Lights (ft. Dwele)

  "Warning: the following content is graphic in nature (...). Viewer discretion is advised." This kind of comment really makes you wonder why they never put such a warning on, eh, I dunno, almost any kind of mainstream pop music video out there. Take, for example, that one vid in which that stripped down pop … Continue reading Consumerism: Kanye West – Flashing Lights (ft. Dwele)

Steak Number Eight – Ashore

  Need some Rembrandt-like photoshopping techniques? You might wanna contact the creator of this vid. It seems he's tried a modern take on the Cast Away-movie. Maybe I would let go ashore. Though it is unlikely that one can awaken from a state of unconsciousness with a burning torch in one’s hand, we won't talk … Continue reading Steak Number Eight – Ashore

Vök – Waiting

  Pick a stunning landscape and build your video around it. And, oh, pick something that suits your song. In this case: a The Martian-like landscape (for those who haven’t seen the film, go see it). I’ll keep you waiting-ing, waiting-ing for me. Sounds very The Martian-like to me! Look at that, even the song … Continue reading Vök – Waiting