Vök – Waiting


Pick a stunning landscape and build your video around it. And, oh, pick something that suits your song. In this case: a The Martian-like landscape (for those who haven’t seen the film, go see it). I’ll keep you waiting-ing, waiting-ing for me. Sounds very The Martian-like to me! Look at that, even the song itself relates back to the film. Talk about intertextuality… Awesome vid. And come on, who doesn’t like to look at a person of which we’re not really sure whether they’re male or female? Of course, you gotta delete some non-Mars-like elements, such as the element of water. Maybe not that The Martian-like… Perhaps more Icelandic. Anywho … the landscape thingy, if done properly, ought to work. What’s nice too is that this video plays with a colour range of white and black, but it’s not white and black at all. It’s just some cold colours mixed up with a hint of Mars-like orange. This video literally screams “let’s go and mix up Mars and Iceland!”. Let’s take our worries to a place away from today’s cold music industry and think on ‘em a little bit. Let’s wear black all day and walk around in deserted landscapes. Yes, let’s do that. Sounds like something the Vok would do. Come to think of it, I’ve gotta plan my next trip to Iceland.


Director of MV: Glashier



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