Terminology: critical goose

goose who spends her time randomly pointing out the cracks in society by means of sarcasm, irony or just blunt honesty.

Dennis, the first robot ever who was able to read the thoughts of geese, said that, in recent years, an alarming amount of microplastics in the stomach of the critical goose, has led this goose to think in a loop of one specific thought – repeating itself over and over in the brain of this type of goose – which heavily obstructs the survival of this species.
The thought this goose finds itself entrapped in is pretty much: “The problem is the human species does not recognise the climate crisis as such.”
These findings led scientists to believe the critical goose might have been hallucinating by the air pollution surrounding this bird’s habitat, though it is unclear if the air is really that polluted.
Further studies in the next years are needed to establish whether this goose’s thought pattern is of any value to humankind.