For All My Girls In Line / Love Conquers All

Again we cross paths. You stop me, finally. I am ogling you up and down. It’s my favourite part of the day.
Hey girl, look at you! If I am interested to date? Hell yes, I am! You caught me right on time; dating has been the one thing on my mind. You know, life is difficult. A date more or two makes my day shine. I mean, if you only knew how my life goes down. Went from big house to prison-like cubicle, plus all the divorce paperwork – I was too young to marry, they said, but hey, I believe love conquers all – and then we haven’t even talked about alimony, and paying off debts, having a dead-end job and zero time filled up with Netflix ‘til the morning light, so yes, you have totally, 100 percent, caught me at the right time. I need one thing less on my mind. I want you girl, that I can promise. That other girl you saw at my doorstep last night? No, she doesn’t mean anything to me, I promise you; I had a date with her, yes, but it didn’t mean anything. What now? You’re following my Instagram? What are you pointing at? This girl whose photo I liked? I dated her once, but yeah. Nice lady, didn’t work out. But, hey, you girl, are something else. Every time we make eye contact, every time we cross the hall, I am wanting you, girl. So badly. I can’t promise you the moon, as I’m kinda tied down right now (it’s a never-ending desert of pain). But I can tell you one thing: The sex … is great. So yes, let’s date! Yes please, I’ve been waiting for your call; you, girl, are the thing I need.

Artist: Warhola – Promise
Director: Marie Wynants & Stef Aerts

Inspired by the music video “Promise” of Warhola.

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