Paolo Nutini – Candy


Darling, I’ll bathe your skin. No?? I’ll even wash your clothes. No?? Would you? That’d be awesome! Just give me some candy – candy? – before I go. Oh. Oh. You mean that kind of candy. Of course you would want something in return. After all, you are A guy. … I’ll kiss your eyes. Hm. Tell me, how is that a benefit? Seriously. Just give me some candy, after my hug. I’m sorry, I think we got off on the wrong foot. Around here, hugs are for free. No candy involved whatsoever. I know you got plenty to offer, baby. Well good. I mean, look at me. I’m awesome. But I guess I’ve taken quite enough. You have taken quite enough? Ehm, excuse me, I don’t want to hurt your feelings or anything, but I am here, too, you know. I’m the one who has to put up with all this whining about candy all the time. Yeah. I know, it’s difficult. When you realize there’s another person too, than just you, but … it’s true. You sir, are not alone in this world. Well, though, of course, now you are. Being candiless anyhow. All the cheap and the sugary philosophies have got me on the fence just waiting and waiting. Yeah. So sorry for your loss. You’ll have to face facts here dude. Sorry, but … No candy for you.

Director of MV: Nez

Son Lux – Easy


Fetishes. What is it, what are they for? They’re actually pretty useful, you know, the way dreams are. Take this woman. She’s smart, cute, playful. Or so she was before … well, before she entered patriarchy. Cause there was of course the time she felt abandoned, rejected, humiliated. Sound familiar? Here’s what you do: Pull out your heart – to make the being alone easy. And you simply turn your attention elsewhere. To drawing, for example. Or to the little things in life. Or to fetishes. It doesn’t really matter what it is you turn your attention to. As long as it makes the being alone easy. As long as you leave patriarchy at the door. Cause you wanna stay in control of your body. Of, you know, this body that is Yours. Break the bridle – to make losing control easy. But of course, if you’re really into fetishes, you might wanna start thinking out of tha box. Don’t let them control you. Don’t let them tell you what to do. Just DIY. There’s a term for this kind of mindset. It’s called Self-love. It’s something you’re gonna need. Trust me. Or, wait … perhaps it was Self-destruction? I can’t recall the right term right now. Anyhoo … it doesn’t matter all that much. The important thing to remember is that, if you do as I say, you’ll find you won’t ever have to remember again. Burn all your things – to make the fight to forget easy. Yes, I know! Isn’t it great?! It’s a marvelous little device, this fetish thing. It’s like lucid dreaming. Break the bridle, take the leash, learn to let go. And the good news is, you won’t feel a thing. Ever.

Director of MV: David Terry Fine

The Kills – The Good Ones


Did you get me the good ones? He asked. Puh! Of course I did. Who did he take me for? I know a good condom when I see one. It was 3 AM in the morning and I just got back from one hell of a drive. I couldn’t see where I was driving cause all the street lights were out and my car’s front lights weren’t as good as they used to be. You know that moment when you’re in utter need of sex, and your boyfriend happens to be there, and you’re like ‘Well, now that you’re here …, why not … ?’, but the problem is you haven’t got protection and you have to babysit your little sister that night and she can’t sleep, and you can’t leave her alone with the TV-addicted boyfriend, cause he’s pretty much a child himself, and so you put her in the car and she’s happy as a clown for this sudden night-time adventure, and you’re looking at her big bright moon-sized eyes, fantasizing how those eyes might guide you home, though you know they won’t,  so you’re trying really hard to just focus on the road ahead, while you’re anxiously thinking over in your head where to get a condom at this time of night, any condom at all, and even if you do get one, whether the boyfriend isn’t gonna whine again over the fact that you didn’t get the good ones? You know that moment? Well, I was feeling like that again and because of all this drama in my head and the fact that I really – really – wanted to get laid, I took the first Durex-package I saw, the colours of which I know so well, and guess what? … I didn’t get the good ones.


Director of MV: Rojomotorz


Black Box Revelation – Lust or Love


So you see this guy on a tiny chair tapping vigorously with his foot on a drum in the middle of snowy nowhere. Lust or love. I don’t know what’s better. Said Bluebeard. Ah yes, the eternal dilemma of our love lives. Should one go for lust, or for love? My head you turn, my words you twist. We’ve all been there, yes. Those gals, always twisting words. Seems like their favourite thing to do to pass the time. Oooh, you know what I mean. Yes, we do. We know all too well. How many times I had to force myself trying not to twist words of boyfriends. Their faces when you start twisting… Scared to death. Hilarious. Gets me every single time. But this guy gets it though. Unfortunately. I need a little push, help me to decide. Totally confused by the whole lust or love-issue. Look at him go. Losin’ his mind out there in the snow, soon to be a ring of fire. Lust or love, do they come together? Bam! Was that the most awesome dance-move ever to that question or what?! But, yes, do they come together, indeed? Like, when you’re in that position where you really like someone purely because of the physical chemistry going on there? And, oh, then there’s this one person where the mental chemistry is Off Tha Hook, but ta-daa, no lust whatsoever. Wouldn’t it be cool to have both kind of chemistries all in one place? Like, chemistry all over the place? Lust or love? Tricky question. Deep shit, man. Very abstract. And hey, awesome job in keeping the abstractness in the video. Fire in the snow whilst losing your mind. Great storyline.


Directors of MV (aka BBR & friends): Jan Paternoster, Elisabeth Van Lierop, Oliver Bogaert, Jannik Dolferus & Jonas Winand