Late Night Drive: The Kills – The Good Ones


Did you get me the good ones? He asked. Puh! Of course I did. Who did he take me for? I know a good condom when I see one. It was 3 AM in the morning and I just got back from one hell of a drive. I couldn’t see where I was driving cause all the street lights were out and my car’s front lights weren’t as good as they used to be. You know that moment when you’re in utter need of sex, and your boyfriend happens to be there, and you’re like ‘Well, now that you’re here …, why not … ?’, but the problem is you haven’t got protection and you have to babysit your little sister that night and she can’t sleep, and you can’t leave her alone with the TV-addicted boyfriend, cause he’s pretty much a child himself, and so you put her in the car and she’s happy as a clown for this sudden night-time adventure, and you’re looking at her big bright moon-sized eyes, fantasizing how those eyes might guide you home, though you know they won’t,  so you’re trying really hard to just focus on the road ahead, while you’re anxiously thinking over in your head where to get a condom at this time of night, any condom at all, and even if you do get one, whether the boyfriend isn’t gonna whine again over the fact that you didn’t get the good ones? You know that moment? Well, I was feeling like that again and because of all this drama in my head and the fact that I really – really – wanted to get laid, I took the first Durex-package I saw, the colours of which I know so well, and guess what? … I didn’t get the good ones.


Director of MV: Rojomotorz


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