Al’Tarba – Let The Ghosts Scream


So you see this guy walking along a deserted road. Knocking on some hotel’s doors. And you think, nice, this is gonna be the modern version of the Hotel California. You know, that hotel from which you can never leave. Cause, well, the beat’s kinda creepy. But instead it’s not. Creepy. Just your regular party. With your regular experimentalists. And their regular party drugs. Cause, let’s face it, do you really know how to enjoy a party without the right kind of pill? No, you do not. So yeah, just a party vid, really. … But is it, though? A party vid? See, that’s the thing with creepy songs. They require creepy vids. And, damn, this one must have cost an awful lot of pig’s blood. Look, that’s what brain damage looks like. Yep, there he goes. He’s on a roll. Laughing his ass off. This is not a party vid at all! On the contrary, this is some very educational shit. Enjoy. I did. And kids, remember that some candies make your neurons dance. In a chaotic kind of way. Sometimes creepy.

Director of MV: Yoann Vellaud


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