Have a Cup of Dream: Rone – Tasty City

Holding back on gravity: It makes you dream. Live, eat, cry. Makes you want to move. Laugh, dance, try. Have a cup o’ dream. Oh, I mean, tea. Have a cup o’ tea. Throw around the fantasy. Non-existing colours, rainbows, sands and trees. I feel … alone and free. This is my photography. Homemade is what I feel. And the wind’s curling on top of me. Taking me to the One Big Tree, and those places I have yet to see. I feel … alone and cold. When you want to go up, but you get pushed down, and you’re left feeling old. – No more creativity, no more electricity. What’s left of the bold side of me? I feel … an alarm clock. Vibrations through my skin. Please, yes, make it stop. Where will time lead me? Where will I be making my cup o’ tea? Ah yes, homemade creativity. Taste the city catching up on you. Feel the one reality that’s true. Cause being free means playing ’round with gravity.

Director of MV: Natalia Dufraisse & Filip Piskorzynski, made possible by The Creators Project

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