Giant Plastic Bags: Sleep Party People – I'm Not Human at All

Giant plastic bags. Bubbles. Cocoons. Tiny little cells raging. I’m not human at all – I have no heart. Cause to be humane is to have a heart. Is to care about others. And about emotions, too. Empathy: you either have it or you don’t. I don’t. And ’emotions’, what are those? You only care about your own cocoon, he said. Your own balloon. I wasn’t part of this world. Not now, not ever. “You’re alien, and heartless”. If you could put people in boxes, I was floating somewhere outside of them boxes. Them boxes wrapped up in one giant box called ‘Humans’. I was even outside o’ that one, he said. It reminded me of this one guy in high school, pointing at me too, laughing, with this big smile on his face: “You’re heartless – heartlesssss!”. If only memories would leave. It would make cocoons so much more comfortable. The plastic of the bag scratches my hands, my toes, my lips. Echoes in my head – “heartlesssss!”. It’s not my fault I’m not human at all. I mean, we can’t all have a heart. Right? Still, it’s good to have people burst your bubble every now and then.

Director of MV: Marie Limkilde

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