The Cutest Kitten Trend: Aesop Rock – Kirby

Let’s hop along on the “oh look, a small kitten acting cute”-trend. Cause for stuff to go viral, all you really need is one awesome-looking muppet and a cute kitten on your bed.
Whatcha doing, Kirby? Just joking around with her boss, the psychiatric patient, or really any other human. She’s his confidante, his partner in crime, his eternal friend to turn to in times of utter cries.
She’s all you ever hoped for in your Facebook’s “What’s New?”-page.
Don’t have that sense of purpose other people have? Not to worry: Here’s Kirbs. I mean, sure, you could get Facebook, go to a shrink, get drunk all day, … but really, all you need is a cute little pet to get to come home to. Fifteen years taking prescriptions, now a shrink like “I don’t know, maybe get a kitten?”.
Cause kittens rock.
They pass the time.
Their cute little ways of going ecstatic for your average plastic bag or cardboard box, it’s just like: Damn … Maybe you’re making life more complicated than it really is? And they’re not like dogs, too, in the sense that you’re forced to go outside and leave the tender touch of your oh so comfy couch. No no, life’s awesome just the way it is: Me and Kirbs just chillin’, hangin’ about. Keep an old man sharp. Keep the lovin’ alive.

Director of MV: Toben Seymour

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