Live – Son Lux, “You Don’t Know Me” @Texas, 2015


You drink your wine from my heart, but you don’t know me at all. If you’re fed up with modern romanticism or, on the other side of the spectrum, the exploitation of holy names, this hidden YouTube record might be something for you. It’s a small part of Son Lux’s ample repertoire of kickass live performances. A hidden gem in today’s music mass production – some call it the Age of the Artist -, these three guys (yes, an American band) show us that Genius conquers all. Risk takers, experimental beats, whatever you want to call it: you can’t deny genius when it hits you in the ear. Three things that caught my attention: (a) music unites all – whatever race you happen to be, (b) that drummer is insane (!), and (c) somehow I feel today’s social media hypocrisy could perhaps be interpreted in between. As if they intentionally wanted you to open your eyes and ears, to add meaning according to your needs … You write my name on your walls (“1 month together with this cutie!” – “3 months! xoxoxo”), but you don’t own me (when reality hits you in the face and your Facebook relationship status is back up again). Of course, it could also refer to the misusage of holy names in favour of any political cause whatsoever. Whatever it may refer to, there’s magic in there. Notice that, and even Tito’s handmade vodka, screaming somewhat helplessly for some attention from the corner of the room, can’t distract you from the energy fueled up in here. A mashup of several different voices, carefully constructed by one very talented team, each one its own instrument, yet beautifully crafted into a single theme.

Director of MV: Brent Walker @ Off The Avenue

Aesop Rock – Dorks


Question: if I died in my apartment like a rat in a cage, would the neighbours smell the corpse before the cat ate my face? Ah yes, the wanderer in the rat race. How it blinds us from real emotion, the Other and, well, basically anything that’s real outside of our own peculiar mindset. Because the human race is tricky that way. We first and foremost have an intrinsic inborn need to be entertained, 24/7. But don’t go too far into the entertainment deal; before you know it, you’re stuck in this carefully imposed already laid-out-for-you, and not so very entertaining, life scheme, with loads of small talk and social imagery in between. It’s like today’s popular music, but a bit more mainstream. It’s a theatre of jumping jellyfish. Or, to put it more eloquently and Shakespearian: “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players”. Or, to put it more crudely and Donnie Darkonian: “We are losing these kids to apathy”. Cause what is radio music if not a reflection of today’s overly globalised society? Remember what the wise man said: There ain’t a lesson we can learn from the ostensibly lost. You gotta make a choice. Either stay in the spotlights and without soul or step out of it and feel whole. After all, aren’t we all just a bunch of weirdos on a quest to belong? On a quest to self-express “the real deal”,  however weird you may find it to be. Party over here, I’ll be over there. Because on this particular stage, I’d rather be humanely Weird and Real, than plastically wrapped up just for You, pretending Life is “no big deal”.

Director of MV: Rob Shaw (Bent Image Lab)



Aesop Rock – Kirby


Let’s hop along on the “oh look, a small kitten acting cute”-trend. Cause for stuff to go viral, all you really need is one awesome-looking muppet and a cute kitten on your bed. Whatcha doing, Kirby? Just joking around with her boss, the psychiatric patient, or really any other human. She’s his confidante, his partner in crime, his eternal friend to turn to in times of utter pain. She’s all you ever hoped for in your Facebook’s “What’s New?”-page. Don’t have that sense of purpose other people have? Not to worry: here’s Kirbs. I mean, sure, you could get Facebook, go to a shrink, get drunk all day, … but really, all you need is a cute little pet to get to come home to. Fifteen years taking prescriptions, now a shrink like “I don’t know, maybe get a kitten?”. E-xactly. Cause kittens rock. They pass the time. Their cute little ways of going ecstatic for your average plastic bag or cardboard box, it’s just like: Damn… Maybe you’re making life more complicated than it actually is? And they’re not like dogs, too, in the sense that you’re forced to go outside and leave the tender touch of your comfy couch. No, no, life’s awesome just the way it is: Me and Kirbs hanging about. Keep an old man sharp. Keep the lovin’ alive.


Director of MV: Toben Seymour

Linkin Park – Faint


I really like this vid. You know why? The total absence of smartphones. Look at that crowd. Look at it. Not a single person in there who’s standing perfectly still so that he can record a famous guy. I am: a little bit of loneliness, a little bit of disregard. Said the smartphone-guy at the party. A handful of complaints. I know, right? Like, here you are, hiding yourself behind your smartphone thingy at what’s supposed to be a social event. It’s like, dude, I know you might be feeling anxious in a giant crowd right now, and perhaps not so eager to rock, but that’s kind of the point of a party. We all feel socially anxious sometimes, it’s no big deal. Just put it down. Lock it up. Let’s vote yes for “no smartphone”-parties. Let’s rock. I can’t feel. Try rockin’. You might feel something then. Yeah… Smartphones. They should ban that stuff. Or at least them social media apps. So I let go, watching you, turn your back like you always do. Finally! Some understanding on the person-with-the-dumb-phone’s part! When was this thing written? 2003? Fucking pioneers, man. Understanding today’s social problems and all that. You’re gonna listen to me, like it or not, right now. Damn those lines, did we just stumble upon a Facebook-issue? Don’t turn your back at me, I won’t be ignored. Yep. Yep, I think we did.


Director of MV: Mark Romanek

Flume – More Than You Thought


So you’ve got the robotic rhythm and them alien signs, and, of course, a girl. This one’s wearing a glass helmet and a black cloak. The image of her chair hitting the ground makes for perfect photography. But first: Let the robot speak, that alien television-looking thingy in front of her. They caught her, tied her up, forced her to watch that thing. Looking at her sideways, she looks like Death itself trapped in a corner. The thing has a name: The Infinity Prism (which actually exists!). An exact replica of today’s all-pervasive, yet fatal audio-visual paranoia. Undoubtedly sending out some Flume-tunes. And the dungeon they put her in… you’re like, damn, where can I buy this thing? It’s perfect for my freshly renovated basement downstairs. I would love to put a girl in there. Force her to listen to Flume, to see the light, the universal meaning of music… I’d be like, you see? You see now how to break free? Cause suddenly it’s there: she lifts up, as does her chair. Another perfect photograph. Caught up in her screen, as you are caught up in yours. Breaking free from all earthly matter, hypnotized by the Dreamachine-kind of screen. She has discovered how to literally be caught up in music. How to, yes, vanish for a little while. And so have you.


Director of MV: Toby & Pete