My Jumps: The Acid – Basic Instinct


So we went to the mountains, right, all three of us. I love that place. Quiet and alone. We brought the red whigs as usual, made us look like we were the same kind. But we felt different though. That’s how it is with stimuli, right, no one feels the way you feel. I can feel cold, while you can feel warm. But so we get up on the mountains and we start jumping, right. As usual. And while I’m jumping I see Sarah next to me and she’s all like, dude, why are you jumping like that? I mean I can hear her thinking. Look, how I do it, is way cooler, she thinks. I don’t understand. This is how I always do my jumps. I look over to Anna, who’s doing her weird thing as usual. Definitely not a jump as cool as mine. But while I’m in the air, I feel this other feeling, right. This feeling of belonging, you know, like there’s a connection, but still feeling different. Feeling perfectly fine … And then, another comment. Feeling upset now. Stop messing with my head, you guys. Those two, I’m tired of how they always have to comment on my jumps. I’m tired of how they make me feel. I’m tired of this feeling they give me. I’m tired, I don’t want it. I’m fine with this pose, thank you. Silence. I feel they finally understand. Understand the way I jump. Which is cool. I mean, a good jump lasts a lifetime. I feel like I belong here. Here, in this particular jump. My own slow motion jump. Not some shlohmo-jump as they do.


Director of MV: Dugan O’ Neal


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