Woodkid – I Love You


A long intro, huh? – Yes. It’s gonna be that kind of video. Though these kinds of videos do not usually predict much good, let’s watch it anyway. Cause the song’s cool. And cause Woodkid’s  music videos (MVs) are like mysterious theme-chained chapters of a bigger picture. Example, the main character of his previous MV “Run Boy Run” was this little boy who likes to run. So let’s pick up where we left off. Let’s look at the boy now that it’s no longer running. I am softly watching you, but, boy, your eyes betray what burns inside you. Ah yes, the viewer watching, but without real understanding. On the one hand a church, an organ, and a country-hat kind of guy. On the other, a deserted landscape with one very lost guy out there (same guy). Two sides to a coin? What’s the missing link here? Is there anything I could do to get some attention from you? – Probably not. That’s the way love goes. One loving the other much more than vice versa. If only I had them keys to you. The sound of love is out of tune. Same old, same old. But feelings aren’t black and white. Or are they? Inner worlds. You never seem to get a hold of them. They suck you up, spit you out, then come back to haunt you. Or how to wonderfully represent this fact by sucking you up (at sea), spitting you out (in church) and letting your hands betray what’s really going on here. Falling through the whales there, are you? – Yes. Cause that’s what unattainable love is like.


Director of MV: Woodkid (a.k.a. Yoann Lemoine)

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