The Bricks of Thy brain: Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life


Let’s do some tap dancing and mix it up with modern  Canadian architecture. Let’s do a René Magritte-scenery. In my secret life. That’s a house filled with dark corners and Kubrick-like staircases. I cheat and I lie, I do what I have to do to get by. Ah yes, getting by obviously requires cheating and lying. And cleaning too. How else to survive myself? But I know what is wrong, and I know what is right. It’s just that sometimes your mind can feel split. Sometimes it behaves in “unsexy myriad petty little ways” as David Foster Wallace would say. Ah yes. My split mind has got a mind of its own. Moving across the borders of my secret life. Doesn’t matter how cool a car you have. Or how complexly beautiful the bricks of your brain are. The complexity of split personalities. Them egg-head creatures. Lost souls trying to get by, or move up. Trying to find a sense of belonging, and love, and Self. But no can do… I’m always alone and my heart is like ice. Or when your heart is shut out, and your brain takes full control of your actions. And no other egg-head can crack you. And it’s crowded and cold. In your secret life.


Director of MV: Floria Sigismondi


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