Citizens Make A Country: Nas – One Mic

All I need is one mic. Just your regular guy, thinking stuff over in his head. Perfectly represented by the somewhat squatter-like scenery. (…) only if I had one love, one girl and one crib. Now, here’s a rapper who doesn’t need all your typical rapper-things. Let real artistic vulnerability unwrap itself. Admitted, you still have the police-thingy, but hey, that’s American rap. Context, man, context. (…) drops his Heineken. Bam! Dropping sound of the Heineken. Nice! We need more warriors soon. Now apart from context, it is safe to say this song is very appealing to the revolutionary mind. And, let’s face it, can you think of a song where the police-sample doesn’t work? If y’all people really with me, get busy, load up the — censored shit at the e-xact time that the grenade hits ya. Nice shot. Too bad all the suppressed idealistic anger there gets lost in the American censorship. Makes you wonder why “war” isn’t cut out. All I need is one life, one try (…) what I stand for speaks for itself. Said the fans who are lipping his rhymes. Nice way of appealing to the public, cause, yes, I do understand. You gotta fight for your right to an ideal, an opinion, self-expression. You’re right, all I need is one mic. This song isn’t about Nas, it’s about me. I’m on the right track I finally found, you need some soul-searching, the time is now. You’re right, I do need some soul-searching. Just let me go and self-express myself. Now, … all I need is one mic.


Director of MV: Chris Robinson


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