Moderat – Bad Kingdom

  Comic books. Truth novels. Tunnel vision.You gotta have those. My monochromatic friends. Creepy little bastards creeping in on you. Party-hardy business men. All the money in the world, but not a single touch of so-called "time". All the dreams, but not a single hint of cold-heated bravery. This is not what you wanted. Ah? Were … Continue reading Moderat – Bad Kingdom

Citizens Make A Country: Nas – One Mic

All I need is one mic. Just your regular guy, thinking stuff over in his head. Perfectly represented by the somewhat squatter-like scenery. (…) only if I had one love, one girl and one crib. Now, here’s a rapper who doesn’t need all your typical rapper-things. Let real artistic vulnerability unwrap itself. Admitted, you still … Continue reading Citizens Make A Country: Nas – One Mic