Surrealistic Calms – Inspired By Patrick Watson’s “Can’t Stop Staring At The Sun”

I’m calming myself in the windy storm. There’s no more mud on the floor, it has turned into sand. Gravity is challenging me. The warm light is somewhere there; through my closed eyes I can feel the Sun. I’ve been in a similar place before but have never quite felt this secure. My toes touch the sand, yet my feet feel like standing on a hard grind core. “Let the wind come; let the winds come.” The thought is soothing me. I won’t fight against the flow. This time around you’ll see me moving karate-shore. You’ll see me moving round, squared and uptight and flexible like wet clay; floating however these winds are going, however the weather wants me to go. I’ll think like Dali, surrealistically, yet knowing this is Nature’s authentic way to be. I feel the light from afar of me. It’s right there. A hand is helping me dancing, moaning, flying, doing ballet. The sand is warm between my toes. I’ll play with the wind whichever way it wants to go. As is life sometimes. Every wind my own man, a different opinion; every wind a different direction. My body will adapt to this new lifestyle, and my mind will be: Calm.

Song By: Patrick Watson
Directed By: Jacob Jonas

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