Trixie Whitley – Closer


As we grow older, imagine me closer to you. Wow, this motion picture could’ve been a painting exhibition. A modern take on the Mona Lisa. What you can do with a simple shot at the right time in the song with the right light and colour…. Oh, so this is what make-up looks like when you’re closer (not the slightest hint of skin asymmetry). Directors who challenge the artist: Be a model. Hold your face still. Learn how to lip sync (though some “artists” know how to do this already of course). Use micro-expressions to maximize pathos. Don’t just act you, BE the real you. Was I naive for trying to believe that beauty on bound – this right here is beauty on bound – could be found? This instant makes even me at a total loss for words. The immense richness of associations with those words “beauty (on) bound”, I’m thinking female rights, female beauty, female insecurity, and so on and so forth, all wrapped up in one perfectly beautiful context such as this one…, though the beauty on bound you’re talking about is probably emotional and totally free from any gender-related context. Cause you’re referring to emotional beauty, right? You know, that thing humans call Love. As we grow older – and apparently change clothes accordingly –, imagine me closer to you. No need to imagine that. Those pure micro-expressions? The lip sync-thingy? The Mona Lisa eye watch? No, no, you’re already close enough. And I must say, I do like the view. The importance of beauty. Or how to make an awesome music video on a low budget.


Director of MV: Anders Malmberg



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