The Groupie Psychology

So I went there, finally, not caring at all. I had tossed their flyer – “Come and play after the show” – on the elevator floor. I was totally ready to do this thing. This power groupie thing. This “see? this is how attractive I am”-thing. I mean, how cool is it to actually f*ck a celebrity? How many people can say that? That a celebrity saw your true beauty? We want more, we want more, when you can’t satisfy your taste anymore. Yes, I do want more! More than your average farm boy, that’s for sure. I indeed cannot satisfy my taste anymore. I’ve had farm boys, frat boys, single dads, not-so single dads, lawyers, attorneys, politicians, … but a rock star? That’s the ultimate sign you’re the Most Desired One! Give me high, give me low. Damn right, high-fivers, here I come! Upon seeing me, their personal assistant immediately opens the door. Because I’m first in line, of course. So I step inside, eager to comply, but what’s awaiting me there is something I simply do not understand.

Director of MV: Tom Verbruggen (East Recordings)

This flash fiction story was written after being inspired by the music video and song “Cougars” by Wallace Vanborn.

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