Chet Faker – Talk is Cheap


So you look at it, right, and you think “Oh yeey, snow”. But instead it’s not your typical cosy snow scene. It’s ice. Melting. And there’s a dead body underneath. As cold as ice. Nice way of going from idyllic to pure coldheartedness. And the ice is cracking up into this painting-like photoshoppic sculpture and you’re like “yeey, there’s a happy ending to this vid”. Talk is cheap, my darling. Is it, though – cheap? Depends on the kind of talk, no? You gotta feel it on your own. Oh, jeez, do I like…really have to – feel it? Like, I would prefer not to feel (it). So the dead body suddenly has feelings. It has awakened to Spring. That’s what feelings tend to do, don’t they? Lift things up a bit. Cold pain, I cannot sustain it, says the dead guy once alive but soon to be dead again, as you see zombie waves around the corner. Fuck. You can see the turnaround. No. No. Look, there are the bugs arriving. And then there’s the leaves. There’s the ice again. What the —-? That’s not how it’s supposed to go. Like, jeez, I,… I,… I demand happy endings.

Director of MV: Toby & Pete

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