Beyond the Concept of “Man”

Beyond the concept of “Man” lies … An entire world of Truth. I went to a museum the other day and felt – so much pain. The decoration made me think of the Red-light district. Animals such as myself, entire species, had been killed and placed there on display, by a race who had decided they were “less than”. Man. Motherfuckers, motherfff … . A paw on the plastic grind stones; a muzzle made of polyester fluff; two deers in battle – was that a tear in their eye? – forever on display. The glass in between us signaling the divide. “These animals are here for us to shine”. I remember the Mayor’s speech when this place opened the first time; he was proud and cut a red wire. Every box a different animal; a different object to study on; I couldn’t look them in the eye. I almost had to puke my way back out. I couldn’t find the exit even if I wanted to. I wanted to apologize out loud; to have them forgive our sins in some way; but what does it matter; they’re all dead anyway. The silence was unbearable. A sight of nature, yet not a single leaf ruffling; no animal breathing; not a single sound of life. Motherfucker, motherffff … . I touched the cold tiles beneath me and balanced on my front paws, like birds do. If only I could fly. I would have flown out of that place; that museum; that bunker of Death. I would’ve flown outta Civilized Society and never come back.

Artist: Ours Samplus – Beyond
Director: Ours Samplus

This flash fiction story was written after being inspired by the music video and song “Beyond” of Ours Samplus.

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