Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight)


Let’s save some bits and coins to go hang around by ourselves. You know, like those folks in the video. A little bit o’ love. A little bit o’ car. A little bit o’ music. Do whatever we feel like doing. Not noticing any of them grown-up rules. Lady, hear me tonight, cause my feeling is just so right. Reminds you of ‘Bohemian Like You’ (The Dandy fuckin’ Warhols), doesn’t it? Or that one movie where folks just hang around, not even sure if friends, – I think it’s called ‘Go’ -, but there’s Joey from Dawson’s Creek though. Ah, the nineties. When drugs were still a thing, but not nearly such all-pervasively sedatives as they are today. Yeah. Hanging around. Just hanging. It’s like that loner from ‘Into the Wild’ – and I quote “My days were more exciting when I was penniless” -, except that he didn’t really have these two awesome people hanging around him. But yeah, … some nights everything just feels right. Like when you’re with Bonnie and Clyde. And me. And a little bit o’ car. And everything just… feels right.


Modjo’s Awesome Music Video Where Three Peeps Hang Around


Director of MV: François Nemeta


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