Anger Management: Kids & Explosions – Swear Words

How fucking easy it is to make a music video that shows fucking everything that’s fucked up with society today, a.k.a. the fucking “adult world”, in under 90 seconds, without actually relating all that much to the original fucking song. Fuck.

Ah yes. Bitch. It’s the hidden “humane” activities and all its unrevealed hypocrisy about it. Nigga. Cuz really the things we actually do on planet Earth for most of our short-lived lives are really quite confusing. Shit. I mean, seriously, think about it, what are our actual activities in “the day-to-day trenches of adult life”? (quoting David here) Hoes. That’s right. Motherfuckin’. Sex. Beauty. Booze. Money. Power. Pills. Anything to numb down the meaninglessness of all this wandering around and basically just wasting our time by physically or psychologically harassing one another from time to time. Pussy. Kill ’em. Shit. Kill ’em all. Motherfuckers. Ah, the truth in swear words. Fuck. It’s like “modern consumerism society”, to quote David once again, “with a whole lot of rhetorical niceties stripped away”. Sluts. Or, in other words: Swear words. Tits. And let’s not forget 00:20. Bitches. Because, let’s face it – Niggas. Worldwide paradoxical logic (that is, widespread stupidity and human cruelty) is why some people need humour in their lives – Ass. And some others, ah yes, hysterical laughter. Like – Hooooooes (00:20).

Director of MV: Double Ninja

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