Partying Nowadays: RATATAT – Abrasive

Of all the weird dance moves people can have, Ratatat may have picked the weirdest ones and somehow decided it would be cool to fill a video with it. And while watching this I gotta say: if modern-day people weren’t so afraid to look weird and actually danced while partying, our parties nowadays would definitely be much livelier or at least much more smartphoneless. I’ve never really got it, the smartphone-party. Going to a party without fully using the power your body’s capable of. Using the rhythm that it is naturally attracted to. No, instead, let’s make sure we bring our best make-up, highly new tech phone and selfieface so that, tomorrow, any social media will show that I was at a party last night without looking like crap (and I tell you what: people who don’t look like crap at a party picture are obviously not enjoying themselves really well). But no. Parties aren’t for crazy wacko dancing no more. It’s really just about trying to look socially okay and possibly get laid.

Director of Music Video: Produced by Perfect Branch; 4000 drawings by E.VAX (Ratatat)



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