Come Dance With Me: Oscar and the Wolf – “Moonshine” live @Pias Nites

The moon lits up the whole terrace. There's something magical about waking up at night, stepping out into the winter cold, listening to the city silence, growing a tobacco cigarette and thinking of that same old same old piece of writing wrapped up in your wollen jacket pocket. You look at the ink on the … Continue reading Come Dance With Me: Oscar and the Wolf – “Moonshine” live @Pias Nites

Partying Nowadays: RATATAT – Abrasive

Of all the weird dance moves people can have, Ratatat may have picked the weirdest ones and somehow decided it would be cool to fill a video with it. And while watching this I gotta say: if modern-day people weren't so afraid to look weird and actually danced while partying, our parties nowadays would definitely … Continue reading Partying Nowadays: RATATAT – Abrasive

Romantic Relationships: Paolo Nutini – Candy

Darling, I'll bathe your skin. No?? I'll even wash your clothes. No?? Would you? That'd be awesome! Just give me some candy - candy? - before I go. Oh. Ooh. You mean that kind of candy. Of course you would want something in return. After all, you are A guy. ... I'll kiss your eyes. … Continue reading Romantic Relationships: Paolo Nutini – Candy