Brain and Heart Meet in Identity Crisis: K’s Choice – Believe

Tomorrow I was nothing. But today is different. Yesterday I’ll be. But today is different. You know that moment you’re about to switch off your thinking gear? Ah, the Brain. The terrible master when in perfectionist-mode. The inspiring leader when in fuck off-mode. Tell me if it’s me holding on and on to love what else is real (a religion that appeals to me). They always say the home is where the heart is, but the Heart, in the real, biological world, is actually right here. Not at your parents’ place, not in your boyfriend’s arms, not at your best friend’s house. Really, it is right here. There comes a time your brain understands that it’s useless without soul, without spice. Because the brain usually just goes off ranting. On and on. And on and on and on and on. And then, as if by mistake: Can you turn me off? Just a second, please. Ding! One brain request coming in. Turn me into something faceless, weightless, mindless, homeless, back your state of peace … ? Yes, I can, you Motherfucker! You don’t know how much I’ve waited for you to say those words! So you start taking action, right? You get all psyched about it, because, finally, after all your hard, deliberate meditation training, Brain is finally leaving. And when you’re almost there, reaching for the “off”-button, something else suddenly goes: Wait for me, I’m nothing on my own. I’m willing to go on, but not alone, not now. Guess who decided to show up too. Heart. And that, my friends, is what is called an “identity crisis”. But here’s what’s key: I believe in me

Director of MV: K’s Choice

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