To That Special Someone (You Know Who You Are)

I’d wake up every morning and before I’d start each day, I’d take a drag from last night’s cigarette that’s smoldered in its tray, down a little something and then be on my way. This song’s all about loving that certain special someone throughout life. Life is painful, and rough, no matter who you are. … Continue reading To That Special Someone (You Know Who You Are)

I Write Truths and Never Fiction

'Kim', Nadya is surprised to see me, she looks up at me from the red café couch. After I approached it, she had suddenly stopped talking to her friends. Friends that used to be mine. 6 months ago. Too long ago. Ages ago. 'You're here', she's trying to sound normal. 'I didn't think to see … Continue reading I Write Truths and Never Fiction

Come Dance With Me: Oscar and the Wolf – “Moonshine” live @Pias Nites

The moon lits up the whole terrace. There's something magical about waking up at night, stepping out into the winter cold, listening to the city silence, growing a tobacco cigarette and thinking of that same old same old piece of writing wrapped up in your wollen jacket pocket. You look at the ink on the … Continue reading Come Dance With Me: Oscar and the Wolf – “Moonshine” live @Pias Nites

Acts of Human Wisdom II

Monday Human being with white-collar job: "Let's start the day with 4 hours of cognitively stressful work, followed by some issues of responsibility, and then go share some personal stories in all tranquillity over there by the coffee machine." Society: "Skill should be rewarded. Let's pay them a lot." vs. Human being with blue-collar job: … Continue reading Acts of Human Wisdom II

Go for The One Who Doesn’t Like You: Martin Solveig – Rejection

  So I read an article the other day. About romance. Don't go for the one who obviously doesn't like you. That's what I learnt. Cause you deserve better - ... Wait. ... Wait. ... I'm sorry. I had to restrain myself from laughing my ass off there. Aaaaahaa ... Rejection. Yes. Rejection. It hurts, … Continue reading Go for The One Who Doesn’t Like You: Martin Solveig – Rejection

Mind Tricks in Relationships

In love, we all want to possess that one loving perfectionistic mask, the ultimate partner for life, the soulmate of my own mask, behind which lies the ultimate mess. The things one can do with artistic vulnerability and a 300€-camera. They say it's naive (how we're passing by) trying to look the entire world right … Continue reading Mind Tricks in Relationships

To Exist is Simply to Survive: GUTS – And the Living is Easy

Revival of the comic book-like 2D animation video: Director Sébastien Bellaval does it marginally eloquently. Best part of a music video? When visual movement fits the audio. Like in this video, when Tarzan and his monkey are jumping from cord to cord. Or a bit later in the vid, when that spider is playing its … Continue reading To Exist is Simply to Survive: GUTS – And the Living is Easy

Fight Club But With Words

You treat me bad, you make me weep and more, ... you drive me mad. That's what my girlfriend says. And apparently she knows this place couples go to. It's a place somewhere underground called a "fight club". And couples go there for couple therapy. They punch each other with words in the comfort of … Continue reading Fight Club But With Words

Why Being Beautiful Sucks: Degiheugi – Betty

Short story inspired by the music video of the song "Betty" by Degiheugi. There's something really fulfilling about acting as a day job. It can temporarily fool you that you too are worth something, worth some loving. Cause I too need someone to hold me, kiss me, on and on, just because of the package … Continue reading Why Being Beautiful Sucks: Degiheugi – Betty

Partying Nowadays: RATATAT – Abrasive

Of all the weird dance moves people can have, Ratatat may have picked the weirdest ones and somehow decided it would be cool to fill a video with it. And while watching this I gotta say: if modern-day people weren't so afraid to look weird and actually danced while partying, our parties nowadays would definitely … Continue reading Partying Nowadays: RATATAT – Abrasive