Acts of Human Wisdom II



Human being with white-collar job: “Let’s start the day with 4 hours of cognitively stressful work, followed by some issues of responsibility, and then go share some personal stories in all tranquillity over there by the coffee machine.”

Society: “Skill should be rewarded. Let’s pay them a lot.”


Human being with blue-collar job: “Let’s start the day by physically exhausting ourselves for at least 8 hours in a row, all the while receiving humiliating treatment from people with a white-collar job, and then go share some personal stories in our free time.”

Society: “Anyone can lift stuff and be nice. Let’s pay them barely.”

One thought on “Acts of Human Wisdom II

  1. Do they get too demanding, move their jobs to low wage countries. Let them survive on 2-3 jobs. Do they protest low wage workers pouring into the country, dehumanize them as ‘bigots’ and ‘racists’. Etc.

    The fight between white collar and blue collar is slowly turning back to the 18th century.

    With the white collars being the 0,01%, and the 30% who perform their service jobs.

    A robot as Sophia will very, very soon have 100 times our IQ, so then white collars will start to feel the pressure too.


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