Acts of Human Wisdom II




Human being with white-collar job: “Let’s start the day with 4 hours of cognitively stressful work, followed by some issues of responsibility, and then go share some personal stories in all tranquillity over there by the coffee machine.”

Society: “Skill should rewarded. Let’s pay them a lot.”


Human being with blue-collar job: “Let’s start the day by physically exhausting ourselves for at least 8 hours in a row, all the while receiving humiliating treatment from people with a white-collar job, and then go share some personal stories in our free time.”

Society: “Anyone can lift stuff and be nice. Let’s pay them barely.”



To Exist is Simply to Survive: GUTS – And the Living is Easy


Revival of the comic book-like 2D animation video: director Sébastien Bellaval does it marginally eloquently. Best part of a music video? When visual movement fits the audio. Like in this video, when Tarzan and his monkey are jumping from cord to cord. Or a bit later in the vid, when that spider is playing its piano chord to chord. It’s really quite amazing how a beat can come to life when accompanied by the right rhythmic picture. And the living is easy, and the living is easy, and the living is easy. These audio lyrics indeed match the visuals perfectly. Because what does the audience see? An uncivilised human being, a.k.a. an animal, is being chased, captured, caged, and ready to be eaten. And other animals of all sorts entering a similar fate. Ah yes, survival of the fittest animal. That’s what the jungle is all about. And it is really quite a jungle out there, whether “civilised” or not. Because you don’t fool me. Human language may have fooled you. It may have fooled an entire human race into so-called “civilisation”, and all its subsequent “human complexity”, think bureaucracy, but in the end life is really just what it always was: a jungle, with one very simple rule. Survival of the fittest. Conquer the most good-looking young female. Spread the bestest of seeds. Get the best-trained legs. Cause being able to pinpoint the exact right time to run from a situation is a most precious skill. And so basically life is indeed totally easy. That is, if you also have the right mindset. So take your depression elsewhere, my friend. And let me get back to what really matters: survival.

Director of this Music Video: Sébastien Bellaval