Tool – Prison Sex

The truth in metal music. Perhaps that is why it always takes an effort to understand them metal cries. It took so long to remember just what happened. Ah yes, when you finally found the memory stick to your inner hard drive. You simply can’t trust those things. It’s like a wasp in a jar in a jewellery box in a room full of drawers. Basically, it’s a giant Tim Burton-like archive. That’s your subconsciousness right there. Got my hands bound and my head down and my eyes closed. And my legs gone. Let’s not forget that little detail. Do unto others what has been done to you. Yes… Yes. Control ’em. Stalk ’em. Look ’em up. Do your research. Shit, blood and cum on my hands. Seal the deal. And to think good caregivers need at least four years to seal the so-called “childhood deal”. But bad ones, ha! I have found some kind of temporary sanity in this. No one even bothers to check up on those. No. This is it. The familiarity. The room full of tiny little prison cells. True love, is it. My caregivers. My inner voice. You look so precious. True love, just a tiny bit distorted.

Director of MV: Adam Jones (Tool)

Placebo – Song to Say Goodbye


You are one of God’s mistakes, you lying, crying waste of skin. Ouch. That’s harsh. A harsh introduction for a harsh problem, perhaps? And so the establishment of themes begins. Is it drugs? Is it emptiness? Is it parenting issues? Is it a lack of emotional coping? Is it a music video or a short film? Food for thought. The cool thing about innovative music video-making: Take the meaning of a song way out of context and give it additional meaning – not too far off of context, but not too close either. Just the right amount of addition and make your viewer addicted from the start. Your needle and your damage done. See. Definitely drug-related. Now I’m breaking down your door to try and save your swollen face. And so the visual journey begins. While the song deals with some addiction problem, the video deals with some kind of bad parenting issue. Let’s go for a ride. Can’t drive a car? I’ll do it, dad. Feel too bad for hugs? I’ll hug you, dad. Want to go for a drink? I’ll order one, dad. Ah, your emotions got the better of you again, didn’t they? Allow me. Everything will be fine. Today’s world happens to be filled with dads who haven’t got no time for emotions. Who needs emotions when you’ve got kids? It’s okay dad, let me handle those. You just get some rest. It’s like that research thing they did where kids were asked what they longed for from their parents the most and, unlike what most parents expected they’d say, like “more time”, most kids actually replied “more happiness for my parents”. Ah yes, growing up. It’s a song to say goodbye.


Original version

Director of MV: Philippe André

Short version