The Perfect Life: Rihanna – Rehab

  Guilty pleasures: everyone has 'em. Meet mine. Oh yes, it's the R-word indeed. Behold my first encounter with Rihanna. Now, apart from the probably very professional use of colour and panorama play in this video, well, that, and the appearance of a famous handsome guy, whom I later figured out to be J. Timberlake … Continue reading The Perfect Life: Rihanna – Rehab

Queens Of The Stone Age – Make it wit chu

  Time to lighten up the mood. Cause even though most musical masterpieces are usually the result of pain and heartache, once in a while you're in need of "light matter". These mysteries of life, that just ain't my thing. My point exactly (for the time being). Now, who's ready for Summer? You've got the … Continue reading Queens Of The Stone Age – Make it wit chu