Rihanna – Rehab


Guilty pleasures: everyone has ’em. Meet mine. Oh yes, it’s the R-word indeed. Behold my first encounter with Rihanna. Now, apart from the probably very professional use of colour and panorama play in this video, well, that, and the appearance of a famous handsome guy, whom I later figured out to be J. Timberlake himself, I really like this song for one very specific personal reason. And no, it’s not the association between the word ‘rehab’ and my own personal lifestyle. It is a line in the lyrics. Wanna guess which one? Behold the best line in romantic music lyrics’ history ever: “You’re the reason why I’m thinking ‘I don’t wanna smoke on these cigarettes no more‘”. Now, it’s so perfect because it relates to my personal life in, like, quite a lot of ways. For example, I’m both addicted to nicotine as well as men. And I guess that, when you finally do meet the perfect guy, he’s probably a good replacement for cigarettes. I still gotta meet mine, though. But I’ll find him someday. I know I will. And then, my life will be perfect. Though, … this video is also perfect for me because I really like the bikini. I’ll have to go look for that, too. And then my life will be perfect. Oh, and the earrings. The earrings too.


Director of MV: Anthony Mandler



Queens Of The Stone Age – Make it wit chu


Time to lighten up the mood. Cause even though most musical masterpieces are usually the result of pain and heartache, once in a while you’re in need of “light matter”. These mysteries of life, that just ain’t my thing. My point exactly (for the time being). Now, who’s ready for Summer? You’ve got the sun, the heat, some sepia. Is that California? Ah yes, holidays. That’s why I love vids like this. Oooh, how one becomes two. What now? How can 1 indeed become 2? I wanna make it wit chu. I see now. “Two” rhymes with “you”. I love what you did there … Oh crap. I forgot about the whole love-is-in-the-air thingy so typical of summer time. But that’s what videos like this are for, no? To explain in which manner 1 can become 2, and how to go about it. Cause your first thought is: Fuck. Not this shit again. All those times you had to show up at a party alone, until you finally got your shit together and were like it, fuck it, I’m going! And then you arrive and you see all of these couples making it, respecting one another, having that one person they really – really – wanna make it with, and you’re like: Aaargh! Why me? Until some voice takes you out of your coma during the tenth beer or so by making one very impressive statement. I wanna make it wit chu, anytime, anywhere. And you’re completely blown away. Really?? Anytime? Anywhere? Oh gosh, I would love to! … That’s why I hate vids like this. Cause I get it now, I do. Like, I actually “get it”. Please, just, I wanna… Fuck. Will somebody please get me a gander.


Directors of MV: Raub Shapiro and Rio Hackford