Cow Milk & Capitalism: The Prodigy – Baby’s Got a Temper


These days milk is really no special product. Anyone can get it and, let’s face it, everyone is using. How else to face the daily 9 to 5 reality of today’s so-called “market efficiency”? How else to stay hyper-productive during the work day? Even the milk makers themselves need it to do their job efficiently. Because pure, tasty, qualitatively good milk requires strict product processing.

And you can’t have any of the supply chain girls stealing it either. This is why they have to perform nakedly. After all, one must obey the number one law of any capitalist product: Never Trust thy Employee. And the second, equally as important law: Honour thy Consumer (as expressed by the clone Sonmi-451 in the movie “Cloud Atlas”).

This baby’s got a temper, you’ll never tame her.

Now this line right here is pretty interesting, cause what does it refer to? Could refer to anything really … Option number one: The Consumer (for one can never have enough milk). Option number two: The milk itself or, more specifically, the crazy cow who made it. We like rohypnol. But I guess all products have an expiration date. So maybe it’s not milk that is the future but, rather, rohypnol. Because, really, what better way to deal with capitalism than a forget-me pill? This baby’s got a temper, you’ll never tame her. Or, no, wait. Maybe the line actually refers to option number three: Capitalism itself. That sounds awful.

Please hit me a new line. Or a shot of milk.

Director of this Music Video: Traktor



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