The Perfect Life: Rihanna – Rehab

  Guilty pleasures: everyone has 'em. Meet mine. Oh yes, it's the R-word indeed. Behold my first encounter with Rihanna. Now, apart from the probably very professional use of colour and panorama play in this video, well, that, and the appearance of a famous handsome guy, whom I later figured out to be J. Timberlake … Continue reading The Perfect Life: Rihanna – Rehab

Romantic Relationships: Paolo Nutini – Candy

Darling, I'll bathe your skin. No?? I'll even wash your clothes. No?? Would you? That'd be awesome! Just give me some candy - candy? - before I go. Oh. Ooh. You mean that kind of candy. Of course you would want something in return. After all, you are A guy. ... I'll kiss your eyes. … Continue reading Romantic Relationships: Paolo Nutini – Candy